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Delivery and Storage for Precious Metals in the United States

BullionStar offers bullion for purchase in multiple countries. Select "United States" as your desired country by clicking on dropdown box to the right of "Stock Location" towards the top right hand side of the website.

BullionStar offers you flexibility when delivering and storing your precious metals and you can choose between 2 delivery methods when you order products available in the US.

1) Vault Storage

BullionStar offers secure precious metals Vault Storage in the United States.

If you choose to buy specific bullion products for storage via the BullionStar website such as gold bars or gold coins, simply add your desired products to the shopping cart on the website and proceed to the Checkout where you then select Vault Storage United States as your delivery option. 

All customer bullion products stored in vault storage are stored with the customer holding full legal ownership rights to the bullion products. Your bullion products are stored in the vault based on a proprietary shelving system and are packed in unique tamper-evident security bags when withdrawn from the vault.

The same high standards of security, insurance and auditing applies to BullionStar's solution for vault storage in the United States, New Zealand and Singapore. 

Your stored bullion is fully insured for its full replacement value. Furthermore, BullionStar employs five different audit schemes in order to verify the existence and allocation of your bullion. A photo of your order confirmation placed together with your bullion is uploaded to your online account as soon as your bullion has been processed into Vault Storage. Where applicable, the serial numbers of your bullion bars are visible in this picture so that you can view and identify your individual products.

BullionStar's Vault Storage solution gives you total control of your bullion online via your Cash & Bullion Dashboard where you can view bullion stored in all countries available for vault storage. You can add to your precious metals holdings, sell your holdings, or request physical withdrawal via shipping of your bullion at any time.

Storage charges for BullionStar's Vault Storage are very competitive and include full insurance for all risks, third party audits, as well as full control of your bullion holdings online.

With Vault Storage, you have full control of your bullion online. You can add to your holdings, sell or request withdrawal via shipping of your bullion any time.

2) Shipping to Your Delivery Address

BullionStar ships bullion domestically in the US. We only work with the most renowned shipping companies and ensure that your bullion is handled with utmost care. All shipments are provided with a tracking number and can be traced throughout the process. 

All shipments are also insured for their full replacement value. In the unlikely event that something unforeseen happens to your shipment, BullionStar bears the risk for the shipment until the parcel/s have been signed for.

When you select "Shipping by Courier from United States" as your delivery method, the cost of shipping and insurance is added to the price in the online Checkout. You can check the shipping cost before checking out and finalizing payment for any items. Note that all other administration and handling costs are included in the purchase price.


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