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Insurance Protection for Your Metals

BullionStar provides you with a full service solution for bullion storage in multiple jurisdictions including full insurance of all vault-stored precious metals. This insurance covers all risks at full replacement value and is placed by Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, and underwritten by various syndicates at Lloyd's of London. When you store with BullionStar as your secure precious metals storage provider, you will never be liable for any risk of loss or damage to your bullion. Your precious metals are 100% insured, 100% of the time.

BullionStar always covers the shipping risk until you have collected and signed for the delivered parcel. In the unlikely event that a parcel is lost during delivery, BullionStar is covered by its shipping insurance and your bullion products are not at risk as will receive a replacement delivery. No matter what happens, BullionStar covers the risk for your bullion until you have taken possession. You can thus be confident that your bullion is protected at all times.

BullionStar's insurance coverage covers not only precious metals but also cash and other property held in BullionStar's name or entrusted to BullionStar for any purpose whatsoever.

BullionStar's insurance coverage covers both vault-stored customer bullion and vault-stored general inventory as well as the bullion showcased in our bullion showroom in Singapore. Furthermore, BullionStar is also insured for certain other business risks. We strive to protect both our customers and ourselves in the event something unforeseen happens.

BullionStar's insurance protection includes many risks that are oftentimes excluded from similar policies. BullionStar's policy e.g. include protection against fidelity, mysterious disappearance, sabotage and terrorism up to the full amount of the liability.

BullionStar's Evidence of Insurance Certificate can be downloaded and reviewed by all customers.

Singapore's reputation as one of the safest jurisdictions in the world along with BullionStar's robust physical security and surveillance systems for vault storage makes it possible to cost-effectively insure your precious metal. As our customer, you are the beneficiary of the low insurance premiums that are based on our secure storage environment as well as our locations in Singapore, New Zealand and the United States with the effect of us being able to offer bullion storage at very competitive rates.

Given our insurance coverage, you can rest assured that your metal is not only handled with the utmost care, but that it is also protected in the unlikely event something unforeseen occurs.

For further reassurance, BullionStar employs five different bullion auditing methods. BullionStar is also audited by a Singapore licensed auditor. You can at all times view your vault-stored precious metals holdings under the Cash & Bullion Dashboard online as well as physically audit or withdraw your bullion  held in Singapore in our shop, showroom and vault at 45 New Bridge Road, 059398 Singapore. For bullion stored in New Zealand, you can also physically audit your metal by contacting BullionStar to arrange with the audit. The audit must be ordered and the audit fee, as specified in the Schedule of Service Fees, must be paid in full at a minimum of one (1) business day prior to the audit.  

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