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The Bullion Savings Program from BullionStar is an innovative and low-cost way to save in gold, save in silver or save in platinum. Purchases in the BSP are made in units of grams of gold, grams of silver or grams of platinum.

BullionStar’s gold, silver and platinum BSPs are fully-backed by the respective precious metals held in BullionStar’s vault. In fact, the precious metals backing for each of the three bullion savings programs is in excess of 100%. A daily updated report of the metal backing for each of the three BSP programs is available to view online on the BullionStar website.

BSP saving is very cost effective because the premium over the spot price for buying grams within the gold, silver and platinum BSPs is lower than the premiums on buying gold, silver or platinum bars. Premiums and spreads on the gold BSP are lower for gold, followed by premiums on platinum and silver.

Storage fees for holding precious metals grams in the BSP are the lowest in the industry, for gold only 0.09% per annum, and for silver and platinum only 0.19% per annum.   

Investors into the BSPs can convert their gold, silver or platinum grams to gold bars, silver bars or platinum bars once a BSP holding meets conversion thresholds. Gold grams can be converted into 100 gram PAMP Suisse cast gold bars. Silver grams can be converted into 15 kg silver bars produced by the famous Heraeus refinery in Germany. Likewise, platinum grams can be converted into 1 kg Heraeus platinum bars. Converting BSP grams into precious metals bars is free, there are no conversion fees.

Within BullionStar’s customer transaction platform, BSP customers can buy and trade gold, silver and platinum grams online, view their BSP holdings stored in the BullionStar vault, convert their BSP grams to PAMP or Heraeus bars, and sell their metals grams back to BullionStar.

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