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Safe Deposit Boxes Singapore

BullionStar offers safe deposit boxes in Singapore in three different sizes at affordable rates. The safe deposit boxes are located securely inside a vault within BullionStar's premises. The entrance to the safe deposit boxes is through BullionStar’s shop at 45 New Bridge Road, located close to Singapore’s CBD.

Safe deposit boxes can be used for the safe custody of bullion but also for currency, numismatics, jewellery, precious heirlooms, cryptocurrency cold storage, data files and important documents.

Visit us at 45 New Bridge Road to rent a safe deposit box with us in Singapore.

Cash, Bullion, Jewellery, Collectibles & Other Belongings Allowed

You are allowed to store most items in your safe deposit box including bullion, numismatics, collectibles, coins, currency, heirlooms, cryptocurrency items, certificates, data files, documents and so on.

Ultimate Privacy

With BullionStar, you have unlimited and discreet access to your safe deposit box during our opening hours. There are private viewing rooms available for your complete privacy to view, add or remove contents from your box.

Variable Weight Limit

BullionStar’s safe deposit boxes are robust and solid making them suitable for precious metals. The small, large and extra large box sizes have weight limits of 10 kg, 25 kg and 100 kg respectively.

Safe Deposit Box Sizes & Prices


Small Box

Size (Depth x Width x Height):

50.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 7.5 cm

Maximum weight: 10 kg


  • 1 Year: SGD 399.00/year
  • 2 Years: SGD 389.00/year
  • 5 Years: SGD 359.00/year
  • 10 Years: SGD 288.00/year


Large Box

Size (Depth x Width x Height):

50.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 11.5 cm

Maximum weight: 25 kg


  • 1 Year: SGD 599.00/year
  • 2 Years: SGD 589.00/year
  • 5 Years: SGD 549.00/year
  • 10 Years: SGD 488.00/year

Extra Large

Extra Large Box

Size (Depth x Width x Height):

50.5 cm x 22.5 cm x 37.5 cm

Maximum weight: 100 kg


  • 1 Year: SGD 1,279.00/year
  • 2 Years: SGD 1,259.00/year
  • 5 Years: SGD 1,199.00/year
  • 10 Years: SGD 1,088.00/year

Safe Deposit Box Access & Opening Hours

Unlimited access for clients

You have unlimited free access to your safe deposit box during BullionStar's opening hours.

Discreet self-service entry

You access your safe deposit box located within a vault in BullionStar's Bullion Center. You will receive an access card which you use together with your box number and a PIN code to gain entry to the vault where you will open your box with your safe deposit box key.

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Singapore 059398

Storefront shop opposite to Clarke Quay MRT station. Walk-ins welcome.

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Our vault is equipped with multiple layers of security. BullionStar provides complimentary insurance for each safe deposit box unit up to SGD 150,000, sub-limited to SGD 15,000 for cash. The insurance coverage is placed by Marsh, a global leader in insurance broking and risk management, and underwritten by various syndicates at Lloyd's of London. Read more about the insurance protection here.

Vault Storage vs. Safe Deposit Boxes

Is it better to store bullion in vault storage with BullionStar as custodian or is it better to store bullion in a safe deposit box? Well, this all depends on your individual circumstances and preferences which is why we offer both alternatives!

Vault Storage


Full-service solution where your bullion can be bought, sold and physically withdrawn remotely online at any time.

Online Control

You can control and keep track of your bullion via your BullionStar account at all times. Online dashboard for valuation and portfolio control.

Dynamic Cost

You pay for the exact weight of metal stored each day. You pay in arrears.

Unlimited Insurance – All Risks

Insurance coverage for all risks at full replacement value.

Third Party Audits

Third party audits by independent auditor. All bullion listed with serial numbers in the Live Audit Report.


Safe Deposit Box


Unparalleled privacy with only one person knowing what’s inside your safe deposit box – You. Store bullion confidentially offline. This is the ultimate solution for privacy minded individuals.

Fixed Cost

You know the exact rental cost of your safe deposit box upfront and pre-pay for the rental.

Limited Insurance

Limited insurance of SGD 150,000 per safe deposit box unit, limited to SGD 15,000 for cash.


Store not only bullion but any permitted legal items, for example, jewellery, numismatics, collectibles, coins, currency, heirlooms, cryptocurrency files, data files, documents and so on.

Bank Safe Deposit Box vs BullionStar Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes are traditionally most commonly found in banks. The safe deposit boxes offered by BullionStar are private vault safe deposit boxes which are not connected to any bank. There are important differences between safe deposit boxes hosted by banks and our BullionStar safe deposit boxes hosted in our private vault.


BullionStar is a privately owned company. We are not a bank and we are not a financial institution. With bail-ins legislated in many countries and with the banking sector becoming increasingly fragile due to ever increasing debt levels, it’s difficult to know what would happen to safe deposit boxes during a large bank crises or bank run. Legally, the bank may not be allowed to seize or freeze your box contents, but if the doors to the bank are closed, you may not be able to access your box contents when you need it the most.


Banks collect a large variety of data and have access to your private and financial information. BullionStar does not have access to your private and financial information. We only have knowledge about the safe deposit box lease agreement and we do not share this information with anyone.

Service & Security

Banks are closing safe deposit boxes at an alarming rate. Banks focus on selling paper products and are not interested in handling physical and tangible assets. Many banks are phasing out their safe deposit box services meaning that they are not paying attention to the maintenance and security of their facilities which may pose a threat to your box contents.


Banks do not offer insurance for safe deposit boxes.

Box Contents

Some banks do not allow customers to store money, currency, coins or bullion in their boxes. BullionStar allows you to store money, currency, coins, bullion and most other legal items in your box.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Who has access to my safe deposit box?

A: Only you as the client has access to your safe deposit box. BullionStar does not have access to your box. To access the box, you need to know your box number, your PIN code and be in physical possession of your safe deposit box key.

Q: When/How often can I access my safe deposit box?

A: You have unlimited free access to your safe deposit box during BullionStar’s opening hours.

Q: Is joint access allowed?

A: You can register a joint account holder for your safe deposit box where one joint account holder has access in addition to yourself. To access the safe deposit box, the joint account holder needs to have knowledge of the safe deposit box number, PIN code and be in possession of the safe deposit box key.

Q: Can companies and legal arrangements rent a safe deposit box?

A: Yes, companies or legal arrangements can designate up to four individual signatories to have access to the safe deposit box. To access the safe deposit box, the signatory needs to have knowledge of the safe deposit box number, PIN code and be in possession of the safe deposit box key.

Q: What happens if I lose my key?

A: If your key is lost, the box will need to be drilled with locks replaced, and keys reissued at your expense.

Q: Does BullionStar staff have access to open the safe deposit box?

No, you have the only keys to the box.


Q: What is the insurance coverage?

A: The complimentary insurance covers up to SGD 150,000 of value per safe deposit box unit, sub-limited to SGD 15,000 for cash. The insurance is placed by Marsh on behalf of BullionStar.

Box Contents

Q: What can I store in the safe deposit box?

A: You are allowed to store bullion, jewellery, numismatics, currency, coins, collective items, heirlooms, data files, cryptocurrency cold storage and documents in the safe deposit box. You are not allowed to store any liquids, anything of hazardous nature, explosive, inflammable, perishable, polluting or of illegal nature or anything that may become a nuisance to BullionStar or any of its other Customers.

Q: What is the maximum weight I can store?

A: The maximum weight limit is 10 kg for the small box, 25 kg for the large box and 100 kg for the extra large box.

Privacy & Legal Relationship & Reporting Requirements

Q: What is the legal relationship between me as a customer and BullionStar?

A: As a customer, you are simply renting a safe deposit box. There is no custodial relationship between you and BullionStar.

Q: Are there any reporting requirements for safe deposit boxes?

A: BullionStar does not report client rental or holding of a safe deposit box to anyone. Rental of safe deposit boxes are usually also not reportable for customers.

Q: Can the government access my safe deposit box?

A: No, access will only be granted to a government agency in case a legal search warrant has been issued by a Singaporean court in which case the safe deposit box must be drilled open.

Q: What are the terms and conditions for hiring a safe deposit box?

A: Please refer to the BullionStar Safe Deposit Box Rental Agreement available here.

Prices & Payments

Q: What is the rental cost of a safe deposit box?

A: Prices start at SGD 288 per year for small boxes. You can decide on the lease period. BullionStar offers pre-paid lease terms of 1, 2, 5 or 10 years.

Q: When can I terminate my lease?

A: You may terminate the lease by giving a minimum of one month’s notice before expiration of the lease term. In case you do not give notice of termination at least one month prior to the expiration, the lease agreement is renewed on the same periodic basis as the previous basis.

Q: Can I terminate my lease mid-way through the lease period and get refunded?

A: No, the rental fee will not be refunded if the hiring is terminated before the end of the billing period for the current rental term.

Q: Is there any deposit to be paid?

A: Yes, a sum of SGD 200 for the keys to the box is to be deposited by the customer to BullionStar. The deposit is refunded to you when you have emptied the box and returned the keys for the box to BullionStar following the termination of the lease agreement.

Q: Are there any other costs to take into consideration?

A: No, there are no other costs for normal usage and access to a safe deposit box. BullionStar is not allowed to increase or change the rental amount during the current rental billing period. Any price change shall take effect only from the commencement of the next rental billing period.

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