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Storage Charges (effective 1 February 2016)

Gold Bullion Products: 0.39% per annum

Silver & Platinum Bullion Products: 0.59% per annum

BSP Gram Gold: 0.09% per annum

BSP Gram Silver & Platinum: 0.19% per annum

Daily minimum storage fee: SGD 0.19. The minimum fee applies in case the calculated daily fee is below SGD 0.19. Customer accounts holding no bullion or only holding free BSP grams awarded at account opening are exempted from the minimum fee.

Conversion/Withdrawal of BSP grams to physical bullion: FREE

Vault Withdrawal of bullion products (other than BSP grams) per instance: SGD 129

Customer audit of physical bullion held in the vault per instance: SGD 99

Late payment fee: SGD 49 per reminder plus monthly interest of 2%

Storage charges are invoiced 1 March each year or when you sell or withdraw your bullion - whichever takes place first. The storage charge is calculated daily. If you e.g. store gold bullion worth SGD 30,000 on a particular day, the storage charge for that day will be SGD 30,000*0.0039/365 = SGD 0.32. The daily costs are added up for all days of the storage year to arrive at the total cost. Login and go to Your Account > Storage Charges to view your accrued storage charges.

BullionStar prides itself in offering bullion vault storage with clear terms and without any hidden fees.

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