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In case of death

The administrators of a customer's estate should inform BullionStar of the customer's death, accompanied by the death certificate, in a timely manner.

Upon being notified of the customer's death, BullionStar will verify the report by attempting to contact the customer at the e-mail address and postal address tied to his/her vault account. As such, you should make sure that your BullionStar account is named and addressed in a way which will match with your death certificate exactly. BullionStar strongly recommends that you enter your account name so that it exactly matches that of your bank account. A mismatch between your death certificate and/or your BullionStar account and/or your bank account can cause difficulties and expenses for your estate's administrators.

Unless BullionStar has good reason to doubt the report of the customer's death, BullionStar will issue the administrator with instructions for the administrator to detail how the assets held in the vault should be dealt with. BullionStar reserves the right to debit an administration fee that will not exceed the higher of SGD 500 or 1.5 % of the value of the bullion stored on the account.

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