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BullionStar's Vault Storage Solution

For international and domestic investors seeking a safe haven for their physical precious metals, BullionStar offers a convenient, end-to-end solution for the purchase, secure storage, delivery and sale of bullion products. 

Sign-up for BullionStar account and get started within minutes. You can use one and the same account to transact and safe keep bullion in all our jurisdictions.

Each of our jurisdictions feature state-of-the-art storage facilities, operated by full-time only staff and experts, with stringent security protocols in place to give your bullion the utmost security. Your Bullion is fully protected by comprehensive insurance coverage with one of the industry's largest providers Marsh, and is evidenced by an insurance certificate

Vault Storage - Online Control & Accessibility

BullionStar's online solution for trading and vaulting physical bullion 24/7 gives you full control over your bullion holdings.

In short, BullionStar offers you:

- A turnkey solution for all bullion vault storage jurisdictions offered by BullionStar. Live, 24/7 control over your Bullion through your account. All specific bullion items are fully allocated and you buy, sell and withdraw your holdings at any time.

- Full direct legal ownership of your physically allocated bullion items, stored by BullionStar as your storage provider, at all times. 

- Fully insured vault storage as evidenced by the Evidence of Insurance certificate issued by BullionStar's insurance underwriter.

- 5 different audit methods including a Live Audit Report and an independent audit by a LBMA-approved third party auditor to verify the existence and correctness of your stored bullion. View the third party audit protocols here.

-  Safe and meticulous routines where all bullion items are double inspected, photographed and handled under camera surveillance before being processed into storage. You can furthermore view pictures of your bullion stored by BullionStar to verify the existence of your bullion.

- Multiple diversified storage jurisdictions to safe-guard your metals.

- Customer ownership vault certificates for all customer stored bullion. 

- Full customer confidentiality for all stored metal.

- Competitive storage charges, among the lowest in the industry.

Under the Account Dashboard, you can view and analyze your current bullion portfolio.

When you store physical precious metals with BullionStar, you own your metals. BullionStar acts as your storage provider storing your fully allocated precious metals. Your metals will never be subject to any kind of lending, collateralization or derivative transactions of any type. Your metal is your property. BullionStar merely safekeeps your metal holdings in the vault until you sell or withdraw them. 

We store all your metals in a proprietary shelving system inside the vault. We take photos of your metal and upload these photos to your online account before the metal is processed into vault storage. The photos depicts the actual bullion together with a printed order confirmation showing the serial number/s of your bullion bars.

Your bullion is furthermore fully insured against all risks.

When you purchase bullion for storage with BullionStar, you will receive continuous updates throughout the order process. An e-mail confirmation and a text message confirmation will be sent to you as soon as you have placed your order. You will also receive an e-mail confirmation and a text message when we have received your payment and when we have processed your bullion into vault storage. 

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