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We have created a media kit to help with the use of our brand assets including our logotype, content and trademarks. By downloading or using any of our assets, you hereby confirm that you agree with BullionStar's Terms of Use. If you would like to make use of any of our assets in a way that is not covered by the Terms of Use, please contact us at and include a description and/or visual mockup of your intended use.

Company Information

BullionStar is an international precious metals dealer with operations in Singapore, United States and New Zealand. We serve customers located in over 135 different countries, where our customers can buy, sell, securely store precious metals in any of our three locations or have their precious metals shipped to them.

We offer a comprehensive range of gold, silver and platinum in the form of bullion, numismatics and jewellery sourced reputable mints and refineries across the world both online and in-shop. In our Singapore location, you can walk into our flagship Bullion Center and immerse yourself in a technology-enabled multi-sensory experience being surrounded by precious metals. You can even touch and hold a majestic 400 oz gold bar!

Our edge can be attributed to two fronts – the integration of innovative and productive technology in every part of our business and the operational excellence that necessitates a world-class vaulting and fulfilment operation. On the technology front, we were the first bullion dealer in the world to accept Bitcoin in May 2014 as payment for precious metals, and on the operational front, our ability to consistently fulfil orders to the satisfaction and joy of our customers is the reason we are privileged to hold a reputation for great service.

Our curiousity, our network and our position in the precious metals industry gives us a unique opportunity to conduct in-depth first-hand research which is available publicly.

BullionStar Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in July 2012 and has grown substantially over the years. With a tradition of sharing our fiscal data in a transparent manner, we invite you to have a look at our financials over the years.

Customers from 135 Countries since inception

3,734,004 website visits per year

More than S$2 Billion in sales

Board of Directors

Mr Torgny Persson Chairman of the Board
Mr Torgny Persson

As the founder of BullionStar, Torgny is an avid advocate of precious metals as money. Having been passionate about the monetary system since a young age, Torgny choose to study Economics at University but realised that economic models failed to consider monetary mechanics.

In the midst of the global financial crisis, Torgny intended to purchase Investment Precious Metals in his native country of Sweden as long term protection against inflation and geopolitical instability. He discovered that options were lacking and established the Swedish bullion dealer Liberty Silver in 2008 where he still serves as the Chairman of the Board.

Following the Singaporean government's exemption of Investment Precious Metals from GST in 2012, Torgny established BullionStar. BullionStar seeks to introduce modern technology into the age-old industry of precious metals combining online customer control with accessibility.

Mr Luke Chua Chief Executive Officer
Mr Luke Chua

Luke was appointed as Chief Executive Officer of BullionStar in March 2021 after having served as the Chief Operating Officer since February 2015. He leads a team of passionate people and strives to bring out the best within each individual in his team to ensure that BullionStar continues to be the best company to work for.

Luke's focus is to capture new opportunities through innovation, technology and strategic relationships. With his hands-on approach, he is always looking to optimize BullionStar's operations to cater to the exponential demand for bullion.

His vision is to make precious metals incredibly accessible and available at great prices to everyone all over the world. As an avid believer in precious metals as a store of value, Luke had been stacking precious metals personally prior to joining BullionStar, while he was working in management consulting.

Mr Kevin Mottura Chief Financial Officer
Mr Kevin Mottura

Kevin has extensive experience in the precious metals industry, with capabilities ranging from managerial finance, business controls, to accounting, tax and operations. Given his experience working with international teams and relevant regulatory authorities, he is able to navigate the cultural nuances to find effective solutions that satisfy multiple stakeholders.

Kevin previously served as the Group Finance Controller at Swiss precious metals refinery MKS Pamp Group (south-east Asian region). He holds a master's degree in management from Grenoble School of Management, France.

Mr See Hong Kang Customer Experience Director
Mr See Hong Kang

Hong Kang's strong belief and interest in precious metals motivated him to seek out a career in the precious metals industry. He was one of BullionStar's first employees and has been with the company since 2013, joining BullionStar full time after graduating from Singapore Management University with a degree in Economics.

Having intimate knowledge about all aspects of BullionStar, Hong Kang assiduously ensures that a first-class customer experience is upheld by the BullionStar team.

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