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Tax Free Bullion in Singapore

In 2012, Singapore's Government set out to launch Singapore as a precious metals trading and storage hub, and through government agencies such as Enterprise Singapore, actively encouraged and supported the development of the bullion sector in Singapore.

One of the key changes in 2012 from a legislative perspective was the exemption of investment precious metals bars and coins from Singapore's Goods and Services Tax (GST). This means that since 2012, GST does not have to be paid on investment precious metals bought in Singapore or imported into Singapore.      

Overall, there are no taxes whatsoever on bullion in Singapore.

- No GST / VAT / Sales tax
- No capital gains tax
- No import taxes or duties
- No export taxes
- No death taxes

Full Confidentiality

All customer information held by BullionStar is treated with full confidentiality

Account opening with BullionStar is a quick and simple process, and payment options for bullion purchases include both cash and leading cryptocurrencies. In addition, Singapore has a reputation for safety and security, a strong rule of law, virtually no crime, and strong property ownership rights.

Tax Free Bullion in New Zealand

There is no GST for fine precious metals in New Zealand. Gold with a fineness of not less than 99.5%, silver with a fineness of not less than 99.9% and platinum with a fineness of not less than 99% are exempted from GST.

New Zealand also has no capital gains tax for precious metals and no import or export taxes. 

Like Singapore, New Zealand is thus a good jurisdiction tax-wise for buying and storing bullion.

Sales Tax for Bullion in the US

Sales taxes are charged only in some states and depend on the type of products purchased. Some states do not charge a sales tax for the purchase of bullion bars and coins, while others charge for numismatic products and accessories such as flips, capsules, and apparel. For more information, please visit our interactive page here.

When you check out, the sales taxes will be calculated for you before you confirm the order.

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