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Because precious metals coins are valuable investments, they need to be kept in the best condition possible when stored and also when handled. BullionStar therefore stocks a wide array of innovative storage products to protect and safeguard precious metals coins as well as a range of professional instruments and products for handling precious metals coins with care.

Coin capsules protect and keep your gold and silver coins in pristine condition and are also designed to showcase your coins. Coin capsules are available from BullionStar in a variety of shapes and designs. Circular coin capsules are available in more than 10 sizes for coins from 20 mm in diameter up to 45 mm in diameter, and since they are made from clear acrylic, the coins are still fully visible when stored in their capsules. These capsules are manufactured by well-respected Germany coin supply company Lighthouse.

Lighthouse also make Quadrum coin capsules where each capsule in the range is square in shape and measures 50 mm * 50 mm but where the inner circular storage area varies in diameter. This means that all capsules are uniform in their outer edge diameter for ease of storage These capsules are made from scratch resistant acrylic. Quadrum Intercept coin capsules go one step further and use a technology which neutralises atmospheric gases within the capsule so that the coin resides in a non-corrosive micro-climate. 

For efficient storage and retrieval, as well as aesthetic look, coin capsules can be stored within specially designed coin boxes. BullionStar stocks a number of coin box designs such as a mahogony wood design, and a black box design with silk-lined lid and black velvet inlay. Coin boxes range in size from those that hold 2-9 coins, right up to large boxes which store from between 50 and 90 coins.

For investors with sizeable holdings of silver coins, BullionStar also offers a selection of empty monster boxes which can store 25 tubes of American Silver Eagles, or 20 tubes of Canadian Silver Maple Leafs. Capsules are also available storing 1 oz silver bar. These silver bar capsules are air tight and transparent. For showcasing some of your precious metals coins, BullionStar also offers display stands for coins which are made from clear acrylic, and upright showcase Louvres which display a number of coins in a framed design.

Precious metals coins need to be handled correctly to ensure they do not tarnish or blemish. BullionStar therefore also stocks a range of, tweezers, cotton gloves, polishing clothes, and coin work mats, as well as coin magnifiers for viewing detail, coin calipers for measuring coin dimensions, and digital scales for weighing your coins.



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Lighthouse Coin Capsules

Lighthouse Coin Capsules

  • Manufacturer: Lighthouse
  • Country: Germany
Lighthouse is renowned German producer of coin supplies offering quality products to showcase, protect and safekeep coins.
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