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Board of Directors

Get to know the people behind BullionStar. BullionStar
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Board of Directors

Torgny Persson

Mr. Torgny Persson

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Persson has a long background in the precious metals market as a investor and owner. Mr. Persson has a Master's degree in Economics but has since long left the Keynesian models prevailing in the institutions of today. Mr. Persson views precious metals as money and is a follower of the school of Austrian Economics and FreeGold.

Mr. Persson is founder and owner of the Swedish company Liberty Silver AB, established in 2002, which is a precious metals dealership that has offered customers to purchase and sell physical precious metals since 2008 and is now the largest bullion dealer in Scandinavia.

Malin Persson

Mrs. Malin Persson

Chief Financial Officer

Mrs. Malin Persson has vast experience in the precious metals industry, working with juridical issues, due diligence matters and company structuring.

Mrs. Persson has previously worked as CFO in Liberty Silver AB and as tax lawyer in a manager position at Deloitte AB.


Joakim Andersson

Mr. Joakim Andersson

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Andersson has experience from the IT-industry as well as the  precious metals industry, being a director for Bullion International Ltd. Bullion International Ltd. is a supplier of software solutions for precious metal companies.

Mr. Andersson is a senior software architect and senior software developer. Mr. Andersson has highly innovative skills and has set up the first service provider for bullion dealers and information companies in the precious metals industry. Mr. Andersson has successfully led a team of developers to develop a state-of-the-art proprietary online sales and administration system for precious metal dealers. 

Luke Chua

Mr. Luke Chua

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Chua focuses on improving the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the business. With a background in management consulting, Mr. Chua specializes in organisational development and business process re-engineering.

Mr. Chua previously worked as a management consultant at Ernst & Young Advisory.