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Sell to BullionStar in 4 Easy Steps

BullionStar buys all types of bullion products as well as gold jewellery and precious metals scrap. To sell to BullionStar, you can either place a bullion sell order online or simply walk into our shop at 45 New Bridge Road with your items. To sell to BullionStar in New Zealand, please contact us. The indicative sell prices stated on BullionStar's website is applicable for sell orders processed in Singapore only. 

The price for which you can sell Gold & Silver to us depends on the product type and the live spot price at the time of the order placement. If you choose to place a sell order online, you must hand over your items to us in our shop at 45 New Bridge Road no later than the next business day. Alternatively, you can also mail the items to us within one business day. No appointment is necessary to hand over or sell items to us in our shop.

How to Sell Bullion to BullionStar

Step 1: Click on Sell Gold & Silver in the top menu.

Step 2: Select the product category according to the items you wish to sell to us. For example, if you wish to sell "American Silver Eagles", simply select "Silver Coins". Enter the quantity for the respective items you would like to sell. Multiple products can sold in the same sell order. Contact us if the item you would like to sell is not listed.

Step 3: Fill in or edit your customer details if required and select how you would like to get paid. Select "BullionStar Account" as your payment option if you prefer to keep the proceeds from your sell order on your BullionStar account for future orders. Other payment options include cash, cheque, domestic or international bank transfer as well as settlement in the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum or Litecoin. Enter your PIN code if required. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the checkbox if you agree to them. Also, check the checkbox to acknowledge that your order is binding. Lastly, click “Place Your Order” to submit your order. 

Step 4: An order confirmation page will appear. This order confirmation will also be sent to your e-mail and you will furthermore receive an SMS text message notification. Proceed to BullionStar's shop at 45 New Bridge Road to hand over the metals no later than the next business day from placing your order online or mail the items no later than the next business day to:  

BullionStar Pte. Ltd.
45 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059398

Please note that sell orders are binding. You must hand over the items to us in our shop at 45 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059398 no later than the next business day or mail the items to us no later than the next business day.

If you have mailed your items via courier or postal mail, we will send you an e-mail order status update once we have received the items and again update you with an e-mail order status update when we have sent your payment.

If you visit us in our shop, we can normally settle the payment in cash or by cheque right away although we reserve the right to settle with a bank transfer.

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