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Sell to BullionStar - FAQ

Q: Can I visit your shop to sell my bullion, gold jewellery or precious metals scrap in Singapore?

A: Yes, you can visit our shop at 45 New Bridge Road, 059398 Singapore at any time to have your items valued for free before you decide to sell your items.

Q: Can I visit you in New Zealand to sell my bullion, gold jewellery or precious metals scrap?

A: Please contact us with a list of the items you are interested in selling and we will get back to you with a price quote if we are able to purchase the items.

Q: Can you do a valuation? 

A: Yes, if you are intending to sell your items, we can value them first and before you decide to proceed.

Q: What items do you buy?

A: We buy all types of bullion as well as all types of jewellery for which we can establish weight and purity. Items we buy include gold jewellery and scrap metal such as e.g rings, bracelets, bangles, necklaces and silverware. For more information, go to Sell Gold Jewellery on our website. 

Q: How much do you pay?

A: The valuation for each item depends on the metal, the purity/karat and the weight of the item as well as the current spot price of the metal. For bullion items, go to Sell Gold & Silver to check the price for the item/s you are interested in selling. For jewellery or scrap metal, go to Sell Gold Jewellery to check the current prices.

Q: I can only see the sell prices for gold bars under "Sell Gold & Silver". How can I see other prices?

A: Click on the headings e.g. "Gold Coins" to expand the price list for that category. Click again to collapse the list.

Q: What is the minimum/maximum amount I can sell?

A: There is no minimum or maximum limit.

Q: Do I need to place a sell order on your website to sell precious metals to you?

A: No, you can simply walk into our shop at 45 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059398 and we will assist you. If you are uncertain about your metals and you are not able to visit us in the shop, you can mail us your items without placing an online order first. If so, please include a note with your name, address and payment information.

Q: Can you pay me in cash or with a cheque when I hand over the bullion or jewellery items?

Yes, provided that we can establish the authenticity of the items and have sufficient liquidity, you can usually receive your payment right away via cash or chequeWe however reserve the right to settle by sending you a bank transfer which may be the case if your sell order is large, if we are unable to establish the authenticity straight away or if there were many sell orders the same day.

Q: Do I get any order confirmation?

A: If you place your order online, you will receive an automatically generated e-mail order confirmation after placing your order as well as an SMS text message to your mobile phone.

Q: Are orders binding?

A: Yes, both buy and sell orders for precious metals are binding. You have to hand over or send the items to us within one business day.

Q: Can I cancel an order?

A: No, orders are binding. If you cancel an order, an administration fee of SGD 60 plus any spot market price differences negative to BullionStar will be invoiced.

Shipping Bullion to BullionStar

Q: How do I package the items?

A: Please package all items carefully. We suggest that you use bubble envelopes that can be bought at a post office. Newspapers can be used for inner packaging.

Q: What shipping method should I use?

A: Inquire with a local courier company or the local post office. We suggest that you use a shipping method that is insured and traceable. Please note that you bear the risk for the shipment until signed for/received by us.

Q: Do you pay for shipping?

A: No, shipping and insurance costs as well as costs and fees in connection with exporting items to Singapore such as e.g. import GST is your responsibility when sending items to us. We do not impose any other fees for administration or handling purposes. 

Q: What happens in the unlikely case a shipment is missing?

A: It is rare that parcels go missing. In the unlikely event this happens, the customer is normally reimbursed by the courier up to a certain amount. Inquire with your post office or courier to be sure. Please note that you bear the risk of shipping until the mail is collected or signed by us.

Q: Where are you located?

45 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059398

Walk-ins are welcome. No appointments required.

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Mondays - Saturdays: 11 am to 7 pm
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Q: Do you add any fees for testing and valuation?

A: No, no fees whatsoever are added if you bring items to us which you intend to sell. We only reserve the right to add fees if you have handed us an item that is forged or items that are not made of precious metals.


Q: How do you set prices?

A: Prices are set based on a formula where the international spot price is the most important component. We update prices frequently to ensure that we have accurate pricing in accordance with market fluctuations. 

When selling your bullion to BullionStar:

The sell price for bullion is valid for Investment Precious Metals (IPM) in original bullion condition.

Bullion bars that do not qualify as investment precious metals will have its listed sell price reduced as follows:

- Gold Bar with weight 1 gram - 10 gram: 4 %
- Gold Bar with weight 11 gram - 50 gram: 2 %
- Gold Bar with weight 51 gram or more: 1.5 %
- Silver Bar with weight 31.1 gram - 500 gram: 6 %
- Silver Bar with weight 501 gram or more: 3 %
- Platinum Bar regardless of weight: 6 %

The listed bullion prices are valid for bullion in original condition. The price reduction for a bullion bar or bullion coin that is not in original condition depends on the severity of the damage and the loss of weight. The price reduction, assuming there is no loss of weight, normally ranges from 0.5% to 4%.

The indicative sell prices listed on BullionStar's website are only applicable for transactions in Singapore.


Q: How long will it take to get paid?

A: If you visit us in our shop at 45 New Bridge Road, payment via cash or cheque will usually be immediate. For bank transfer requests, it may take up to three business days depending on different bank clearing processes.

Q: Do you add any fees?

A: No, there are no fees for valuation, testing or handling whatsoever if you bring items to us which you consider selling. We do reserve the right to subtract actual bank fees such as e.g. the cost for sending a bank transfer.

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