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BullionStar Account - FAQ

Q: Are there any costs when opening a BullionStar account or any costs to add, maintain or withdraw funds to/from a BullionStar account?

A: No, there are no costs whatsoever when opening and funding an account with BullionStar. Bank fees for transferring funds to and from a BullionStar account, if applicable, are borne by the customer though.

Q: Are the funds on a BullionStar account interest bearing?

A: No interest is paid for funds held on a BullionStar account.

Q: For how long can I hold funds on my BullionStar account?

A: Funds can be held indefinitely, i.e. for as long as you like, on your BullionStar account.

Q: Which currencies can I hold funds in?

A: Singapore Dollars, US Dollar and Euro.

Q: I'm a foreign, non-Singaporean customer, can I hold funds on my BullionStar account?

A: Yes 

Q: Can I use my BullionStar account to settle bullion purchases for storage and collection in all countries in which BullionStar holds stock. 

A: No, you can only settle orders for bullion transacted with BullionStar in Singapore with your BullionStar account.

Q: My country is not listed in the dropdown list when I'm trying to sign up for a BullionStar account. Can I still sign up for an account? 

A: Please contact us for manual approval if your country is not listed in the "Nationality" or "Country" dropdown list.

Q: What’s the minimum top-up/funding amount?

A: The minimum top-up amount is SGD/USD/EUR 1,000.

Q: What’s the maximum top-up/funding amount?

A: There's no maximum amount.

Q: Can I use the funds on my BullionStar account for partial payments, such as settling a part of an order with funds from my BullionStar account and part of my order with another payment method?

A: No, for administration reasons, we do not allow partial payments with your BullionStar account. For cases like this, please either top-up your BullionStar account before placing the order or place two separate orders.

Q: How long does it take before my BullionStar account is credited after funds have been transferred?

A: BullionStar strives to process all transfers within one business day of receiving the funds. 

Q: How long does a BullionStar account withdrawal take? 

A: BullionStar strives to process all payments within one business day. It may take up to an additional three bank days for you to receive your funds in the case of a bank transfer as different banks have different processing times.  

Q: Does the BullionStar account function like a bank account?

A: The BullionStar account is not a bank account. A BullionStar account is defined as limited purpose e-money under Singaporean law. Funds on your BullionStar account can only be used towards future purchases of products and services from BullionStar in Singapore or be withdrawn at your convenience anytime. Funds cannot be transferred to any third party or used for any other purpose.

Q: Can funds be used interchangeably or exchanged between different currencies?

A: No. For example, a Singapore Dollar order can only be funded with funds from your Singapore Dollar account.

Q:Where can I find the Invoice for my order?

A: Your invoice can be found in your Transaction History once your order has been completed.

Q: Is a funding notification binding?

A: No, in the case where we do not receive the funds as notified in a funding notification, we will cancel your funding transaction after seven days. 

Q: Can I undo a withdrawal request?

A: This depends on whether we have sent your funds or not. Please contact us to inquire.

Q: Is BullionStar approved by any regulatory authority to offer this service

A: BullionStar Pte. Ltd. does not require a license or any approval for providing transactions in respect of limited purpose e-money. 

Q: How do I change my customer details or change my address?

A: Login to your BullionStar account and go to  Your Account > Account Details and change desired customer details.

Q: I have forgotten my BullionStar account password. What should I do?

A: Click on the "LOGIN" button. In the Login popup, click the link for "Forgot your password?" to generate a reset password e-mail. 

Q: My BullionStar account has been locked. What should I do?

A: Please contact us and one of our staff members will assist you in unlocking your BullionStar account.

Q: How can I close a BullionStar account?

A: Please contact us with your request to close your BullionStar account and we will assist you accordingly.

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