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Buy and Store Bullion in New Zealand

New Zealand: Remote, Safe & Stable

New Zealand consistently ranks as one of the top 3 countries in the world for doing business, and has high levels of personal and monetary freedom as well as strong property ownership rights. No country is further away from the world's trouble spots.

New Zealand Vault

BullionStar's vault, operated by New Zealand Vault, is a privately owned vault that is independent of the banking sector. The vault is of treasury grade with multi-level security systems and is monitored 24/7. New Zealand Vault is located in Wellington which is the capital of New Zealand, as well as being the southernmost capital in the world.

Bullion Vault Storage New Zealand

Buy & store bullion with BullionStar in New Zealand in the same way as Singapore. You have full control of your bullion online and can sell or physically withdraw your stored bullion at any time. All customer owned bullion is fully insured and audited.

Personal Collection (Pick-up) & Shipping

You can place orders for personal collection (pick-up) in Wellington New Zealand or for courier shipment from New Zealand. Simply select the relevant choice in the online checkout.

Quick & Easy - Full Online Control

It's just as easy to buy, store, sell, audit or personally collect your bullion items from BullionStar New Zealand as it is from BullionStar Singapore. Use the same account for all locations with no additional documentation needed. Keep both cash and bullion on your account. Handle both buy & sell orders online.

Attractive Prices

We offer attractive prices for bullion in New Zealand. All prices are transparently displayed online. No hidden charges. What you see is what you pay. Click here to view storage charges for New Zealand.

New Zealand is one of the world's best jurisdictions for bullion vault storage. Like Singapore, New Zealand is a safe and politically stable country. New Zealand determines its foreign policy independent of major powers of influence.

Geographically, New Zealand is appealing due to its remote location, a location far from the trouble hotspots of the world. This makes New Zealand an attractive jurisdiction for international diversification of bullion storage.

Together with Singapore, New Zealand consistently ranks in the top 3 positions globally for business friendliness. New Zealand also has high degrees of personal freedom, monetary freedom and strong property ownership rights, and at the same time low levels of corruption and bureaucracy.

BullionStar's operating vault partner, New Zealand Vault, is a well-renowned locally owned company which has been in operation since 1931.

Customer bullion is stored in a vault built in 1984 as part of the foundation of the Bank of New Zealand (now Aon Centre). The vault is a 600 mm thick monolithic construction, using full tang, along with a strengthened high density concrete with special additives. The vault exceeds Class III standards. The vault is furthermore equipped with multi-security surveillance such as motion detectors, surveillance cameras and seismic detection.

All customer bullion is regularly audited internally as well as externally audited bi-annually by Grant Thornton, one of the world's leading assurance and auditing companies.

All customer bullion is fully insured against all risks. Click here to view the evidence of insurance certificate.

FAQ - BullionStar New Zealand

Q: Can local New Zealanders purchase with BullionStar and pick-up their metals at New Zealand Vault?

A: Yes, just add your desired metals to the shopping cart and go to the checkout where you select "Personal Collection (Pick-up) New Zealand". Settle your order by transferring funds to any of BullionStar's bank accounts or settle in cryptocurrency. When BullionStar has received your payment, you will receive a payment confirmation e-mail and SMS text message after which you can proceed to New Zealand Vault to collect your metals.

Q: Are bullion stored with BullionStar in New Zealand insured

A: Yes, we have the same comprehensive insurance covering all bullion for all risks in New Zealand as we have in Singapore. Read more about insurance here.

Q: Are bullion stored with BullionStar in New Zealand audited

A: Yes, just like in Singapore, BullionStar employs 5 methods of auditing for stocks held in New Zealand. Third Party Audits are conducted twice annually of all customer owned bullion by Grant Thornton. The audit reports are published here. More information about BullionStar's auditing methods can be found here.

Q: How do I sell stored bullion or withdraw stored bullion?

A: You control all bullion in all locations from your BullionStar account. You can sell your bullion back to BullionStar at anytime via your BullionStar account. Alternatively, you can place a bullion withdrawal order via your BullionStar account to physically withdraw your bullion.

Q: What are the storage fees for storing bullion with BullionStar New Zealand

A: Gold Bullion Products: 0.59% per annum. Silver & Platinum Bullion Products: 0.88% per annum. Daily minimum storage fee: SGD 0.19 per storage location. The minimum fee applies in case the calculated daily fee is below SGD 0.19. Customer accounts holding no bullion in a certain location are exempted from the minimum fee in that location. Vault Withdrawal of bullion products per instance: SGD 129. Customer audit of physical bullion held in the vault per instance: SGD 99. Storage charges are invoiced 1 March each year or when you sell or withdraw your bullion - whichever takes place first. The storage charge is calculated daily. The daily costs are added up for all days of the storage year to arrive at the total cost. Login and go to Your Account > Storage Charges to view your accrued storage charges.

Q: Can I have proceeds from New Zealand sell orders credited to my BullionStar cash account

A: No, unfortunately proceeds from sell orders can only be credited to your BullionStar account for vault sell orders in Singapore due to legal restrictions.

Q: Can I settle storage fees with cash funds on my BullionStar account

A: No, your BullionStar account can unfortunately only be used for transactions in Singapore due to legal restrictions.

Q: How can I find more information about how to buy and store bullion in New Zealand

A: Go to our help texts here. Generally, the procedures of how to buy, sell and withdraw bullion in New Zealand works in the same way as when you buy, sell or withdraw bullion in Singapore. Everything is handled from one and the same BullionStar account. Please contact us for any questions or comments.

Q: Where is BullionStar New Zealand located?

A: BullionStar's partner, New Zealand Vault in Wellington, handles all physical transactions and storage of bullion and is located on Basement Level 2 in the Aon Centre at 1 Willis Street, Wellington 6011, New Zealand. See below for map.

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