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Why BullionStar?

Singapore is arguably the best country in the world to buy and store precious metals. Singapore's combination of no taxes, safe environment and political stability makes it ideal for buying and storing precious metals.

International - Yet Local

BullionStar was established year 2012 and caters to domestic as well as international savers and investors. With BullionStar's Vault Storage Solution, customers can trade and keep track of their precious metals efficiently online 24/7.

BullionStar's unique one-stop bullion shop, showroom and vault at 45 New Bridge Road caters to all precious metals needs. At the shop, you can view, buy, deposit, store, audit, sell or physically withdraw your precious metals all in one and the same location. 

The local presence and accessibility, together with BullionStar's bullion storage platform, provides customers' with a unique solution for all their precious metals needs. 


The precious metal companies that the founders of BullionStar have operated have tens of thousands of satisfied customers. For maximum transparency, the customer is always in full control and can follow each step of the order process online. Furthermore, the juridical system in Singapore is very effective with a strong rule of law.  

For reassurance, BullionStar employs 5 different audit methods for customers to transparently be able to verify the existence of their stored bullion. 


You can rest assured that BullionStar is dealing with your orders and enquiries in the most secure and confidential way possible. 

- BullionStar is a fully audited Singaporean company with registration number 201217896Z.

- BullionStar only deals with physical precious metals, or in the case of the Bullion Savings Program, products backed up by physical precious metals. Customers' have full direct legal ownership of their stored bullion products.

- All customer owned metal is audited and insured.

- Customers can transparently control their stored bullion online 24/7 through their Cash & Bullion Dashboard.


Confidentiality is a priority for BullionStar. We understand that one of the reasons for acquiring bullion might be to reduce the exposure and counter party risk that governments and banks represent. BullionStar will never share any customer information with anyone except if ordered to do so by a court of law in Singapore.  

Tax Free

Furthermore, Singapore has no capital gains tax and does not charge Goods & Services Tax (GST) on bullion purchases. All Investment Precious Metals are completely tax exempt.

Why Buy Products from BullionStar?

Singapore is arguably the best jurisdiction in the world to buy and store precious metals. 

The jurisdictional advantage coupled with BullionStar's competitive bullion pricing, secure low cost storage with full online control and local bullion retail venue makes BullionStar unique. 

There is simply no better place to buy, sell and store your precious metals.

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Privacy Ensured with BullionStar

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