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Bullion Savings Program

The Bullion Savings Program (BSP) from BullionStar is a unique and cost-effective way to save and trade in physically allocated Gold, Silver and Platinum by accumulating BSP Grams of Gold, Grams of Silver or Grams of Platinum that are fully-backed by physical precious metals from BullionStar’s stock inventory. A daily report of the gold, silver and platinum backing for each of the three BSP programs is available to view each day on the BullionStar website here.

BSP Grams of Gold, Silver and Platinum are available at a low price premium over the spot price of the respective metals, and at a low spread which provides you with a low-cost entry point to begin saving in physical precious metals.

Savers in the BSP can convert their gold, silver and platinum grams into gold bars, silver bars or platinum bars at any time once a BSP holding meets the specified conversion threshold. 

BSP Gold Grams, BSP Silver Grams and BSP Platinum Grams can be converted into physical bullion bars refined by LBMA refineries. 

There are no conversion fees for converting BSP grams into precious metals bars, and BSP Grams can also be sold back to BullionStar at any time.

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