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The collectibles and numismatics silver coin range offered by BullionStar is extensive and spans limited mintage silver coins, proof silver coins, and many one-off collectors silver coins and silver bars from a wide range of Mints across the world including the Perth Mint, Royal Canadian Mint and New Zealand Mint.

These silver coins have a purity of either 0.999 or 0.9999, so are essentially pure silver. The most common weight for silver numismatic or collectible coins is the 1 troy ounce weight denomination.

Proof silver coins are fabricated by mints to an exceptionally high-quality finish using the sharpest dies and precision striking, and are issued in very limited quantities. Many of these coins have interesting themes and designs and sometimes design innovations such as the use of color on the coin surfaces.

When a mint issues a proof or collectible silver coin in an edition of, for example 10,000 or 5,000 coins, demand from collectors around the world means that once the edition sells out, any further availability can only be met from the original owners selling their coins. The limited nature and uniqueness of these coins therefore assigns a rarity value and makes them collectible as well as driving the rarity premium within the price. Many limited mintage silver coins also come in their own stylish presentation boxes with accompanying certificates of authenticity.

BullionStar’s numismatic silver coin range includes silver coins that have been graded as near perfect by the independent Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC). These coins come encapsulated in sealed protective slabs by NGC, which acts as a hallmark of trust in the precious metals coin world.

Some collector silver coins capture themes of wildlife and natural history, while others commemorate historical events or anniversaries. Other series of collectible silver coins celebrate famous motion pictures or, for example, the World of Disney.

A number of the notable limited mintage silver coins offered by BullionStar are those produced by the New Zealand Mint and the Mint of Poland and issued on behalf of Niue Island in the South Pacific, and silver coins produced by the Perth Mint on behalf of the neighboring island nation of Tuvalu.



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