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Bullion Retail Shop Singapore

Visit us at 45 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059398
for all your precious metals needs

BullionStar's Bullion Shop, Showroom and Vault

If you're into bullion, you have to visit our shop. It's unique.

  • Storefront walk-in bullion shop and showroom with 20 showcase displays full of bullion 
  • Bullion vault on site at the same location 
  • No appointments necessary. Cash and carry allowed
  • All your precious metals needs in one location. View, buy, collect, deposit, store, value, sell, audit or physically withdraw your stored metal in one and the same location

Virtual Tour of BullionStar's Shop & Showroom

Click and drag in the embedded virtual tour window below to have look around in BullionStar's shop and showroom. 

Complemented by our storage solution, My Vault Storage®, you can place orders 24/7 online and visit us at your discretion to physically audit or withdraw your bullion in a matter of minutes.  

Visit us today for a unique bullion experience!

Retail Shop Address:
45 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059398

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday: 11 am to 7 pm
Friday: 11 am to 5 pm
Saturday: 10 am to 2 pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays

BullionStar staff outside the shop

Bullion Shop

The bullion shop is storefront with walk-ins welcome and no appointment necessary. 

No prior registration is necessary. You can simply walk in to buy and/or store bullion on the spot. We accept cash and NETS payments as well as pre-payment via bank transfer, cheque and Bitcoins.

We also buy gold jewellery and other precious metals through our brand GoldBuyers. 

Bullion Showroom

We have a wide range of different bullion products on display in our showcase displays. You find several different brands of bullion bars such as PAMP, Heraeus, Royal Canadian Mint, Johnson Matthey and more on display as well as all common bullion coins. We also offer a wide range of semi-numismatic products such as historical bullion coins and coins minted with limited mintage. 

We have no less than 20 showcase displays in which we showcase bullion from throughout the world. Prices are automatically updated on screens in each showcase display so you know the updated price for which you can purchase the bullion on the spot. We offer the same competitive prices in our shop as we do online. 


Bullion Vault

As BullionStar's shop used to be a bank branch, there is an old style, steel bar reinforced, concrete bank vault built into the venue. BullionStar has further reinforced the vault by putting a modern 1 tonne vault door on the vault turning it into a safe and effective bullion vault. The bullion vault is protected by seven different types of surveillance. Customer stored bullion inside the vault is frequently audited and is fully insured.  

By having a vault integrated with the shop and showroom, customers have the convenience of auditing and withdrawing physical precious metal without any prior notification.

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