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BullionStar offers a large supply of physical gold bars, gold coins, silver bars and silver coins to competitive prices.
Have your gold and silver delivered worldwide or store it with BullionStar's unique secure storage solution in Singapore.
BullionStar offers unparalleled service with full customer confidentiality and no reporting requirements under Singaporean law. No ties to the EU or USA.
Featured Products
PAMP Gold Bar - 100 g PAMP Gold Bar - 100 g USD 4,246.97
PAMP is a leading bullion brand, and one of the most trusted refiners and fabricators of precious metals in the world. BUY NOW
Chinese Silver Panda 2014 - 1 oz Chinese Silver Panda 2014 - 1 oz USD 26.96
One of the most popular bullion coins to give as gifts! BUY NOW
Metalor Silver Bar - 1 kg Metalor Silver Bar - 1 kg USD 707.31
The Metalor Group, previously "Métaux Précieux SA Métalor", founded in 1852, has become one of the major world suppliers of precious metals - especially for the watch and jewelery industry, supplying many of the most reputed Swiss Watch Brands. BUY NOW
Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar - 100 oz USD 2,138.54 BUY NOW
PAMP Gold Bar - 1 kg USD 42,183.10 BUY NOW
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It´s your metals - It's your choice. You have the choice whether to have your bullion stored, shipped or picked up

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My Vault

"My Vault" is BullionStar’s solution for storage. Store your bullion fully allocated in one of the most stable and safe jurisdictions in the world – Singapore.

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How to Order from BullionStar

This guide provides you with information of how you place an order with BullionStar.

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Insurance & Protection

You can always feel safe whether you have your products shipped or stored with BullionStar. All products are fully insured in all instances.

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Let our experts guide you in the world of precious metals.

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Answers to your most frequent questions

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Gold Silver Platinum Palladium
Gold Spot:
USD 1,295.20 -0.01%
Silver Spot:
USD 19.64 0.00%
Platinum Spot:
USD 1,413.00 0.00%
Palladium Spot:
USD 797.00 +0.03%
Gold USD 1,295.20 -0.01%
Silver USD 19.64 0.00%
Platinum USD 1,413.00 0.00%
Palladium USD 797.00 +0.03%
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Gold is the most stable asset class known to man. Gold sustains value in times of economic uncertainty.

Gold has historically also been used as money. With investment demand increasing significantly, the time frame for buying gold at today’s prices may be running out. Read more here.
Silver is an asset with enormous potential. The industrial demand for silver is increasing quickly.

Silver has historically also been used as money. With both industrial demand and investment demand increasing, silver may be the investment of a lifetime. Read more here.