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The founders behind BullionStar have started several precious metals related companies. BullionStar co-founder, Mr. Torgny Persson, started his first bullion dealer, Liberty Silver AB, in Sweden in 2008. Liberty Silver AB, where Mr. Torgny Persson still serves as Chairman of the Board, has grown tremendously since inception and is now the largest bullion dealer in Sweden. BullionStar.com was founded in 2009 with the bullion dealer BullionStar Pte Ltd established in 2012 following the exemption of investment precious metals from GST in Singapore.

Sep 2023

BullionStar launches the 1 oz Silver Dragon - 2024 featuring a wood dragon on the obverse with all 12 zodiac animals on the reverse.

Aug 2023

BullionStar opens a vault facility at Le Freeport, a famed maximum security vault in Singapore.

Jan 2023

Buy & Store Bullion in the United States! BullionStar expands its operations to the United States! FREE domestic shipping within the US for orders above USD 98 and one-year FREE storage for new customers!

Sep 2022

BullionStar crosses $2b in sales revenue, with over 330,000 orders fulfilled.

October 2021

Gold in Times of Crisis -
A BullionStar documentary on the importance of gold for the passage out of Vietnam.

May 2021

Take a virtual tour of our bullion center or check out our majestic 400 oz gold bar exhibit.

December 2020

BullionStar launches its Safe Deposit Box facility.

April 2020

BullionStar now accepts orders in 12 different currencies!

January 2020

Touch and Lift a real 400 oz Gold Bar! The 400 oz Gold Bar Exhibit is the first of its kind in Asia.

August 2019

Buy & Store Bullion in New Zealand! BullionStar customers can now diversify their bullion storage to different jurisdictions!

May 2019

A major renovation and expansion of BullionStar's bullion centre at 45 New Bridge Road is finalised. Several new features like a video wall and a 400 oz gold bar lift exhibit are launched.

November 2018

BullionStar.com Revamped - BullionStar releases a revamped and improved website for desktops.

April 2018

Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin - BullionStar adds three additional cryptocurrencies as payment methods and currencies for both buy and sell orders.

September 2017

The Singapore Merlion - BullionStar launches a new round silver bullion bar that can be traded with a low premium and low spread beween the buy and sell price.

May 2017

BullionStar Mobile - BullionStar launches its dedicated mobile website with several new features such as price alerts, filtering and search.

April 2016

BullionStar Video - BullionStar launches a video interview series with reputable precious metals personalities such as Jim Rogers, Chris Powell, Eric Sprott, David Morgan and many more.

December 2015

Gold University! - BullionStar launches an in-depth research section and educational portal called the BullionStar Gold University where readers can learn about topics such as Gold Markets, Central Bank Gold Policies, Gold Vaults and much more.

November 2015

Silver Bars with No Spread! - Following the success of the BullionStar Gold Bar, BullionStar launches the BullionStar 1 kg Silver Bar that can be traded without any spread between the buy and sell price.

September 2015

Cash & Bullion Account - BullionStar introduces the possibility for customers to hold cash funds on their BullionStar accounts through its Stored Value Facility.

March 2015

Measure in Gold! - BullionStar introduces customizable charts where you can measure any asset class in gold. For example, you can measure the performance of a stock index in gold.

January 2015

Gold Bar with No Spread! - BullionStar launches the BullionStar 100 gram Gold Bar that can be traded without any spread between the buy and sell price. The BullionStar gold bar is produced by the LBMA-approved Swiss refinery, Argor-Heraeus.

September 2014

Real Gold Research - In Depth! BullionStar launches several blogs with researchers uncovering important information about the oftentimes secretive and opaque precious metals markets.

July 2014

Worldwide unique! - BullionStar opens its bullion center at 45 New Bridge Road in the heart of Singapore. The bullion center combines a showroom, retail shop and vault all integrated into the same venue making it a unique one-stop-shop for precious metals.

May 2014

Bitcoin - BullionStar becomes one of the first bullion dealers worldwide to accept Bitcoin for bullion order settlement.

August 2013

Gold Buyers Singapore is launched. Gold Buyers Singapore buys gold jewellery and gold scrap in Singapore. GoldBuyers is registered as a trademark owned by BullionStar.

January 2013

Finally! BullionStar becomes fully operational accepting buy, sell and vault storage orders.

October 2012

The GST exemption for investment precious metals comes into force in Singapore.

July 2012

BullionStar Pte Ltd. is established - BullionStar opens its office in Marina Bay Financial Center. Founders Torgny and Joakim begin the work of building BullionStar.com into a website for buying, selling and storing bullion.

February 2012

Singapore's Finance Minister, Mr. Tharman Shanmugaratnam, announces that Singapore will exempt investment precious metals from GST, paving the way for Singapore to become a trading, transit and storage hub for precious metals.


BullionStar.com is launched - From 2009 to 2012, BullionStar.com contained precious metals charts and precious metals related information.

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