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Best Price Guarantee


We guarantee that you are getting the best price on your purchase of bullion from BullionStar in accordance with these terms and conditions.

BullionStar's ambition is to be the price leader for bullion in Singapore. If you find a bullion product with a lower listed price for an identical bullion product at one of our Singaporean competitors, we will match this price and add a FREE GIFT to your order completely free of charge.

Terms & Conditions

The gift offered is selected by BullionStar and is not subject to negotiation. The gift offered varies from time to time. The price guarantee can only be used at the time of placing the order, when comparing with the listed bullion prices of other Singaporean bullion retailers. Orders must be placed over the telephone or in our shop in order for us to verify the price. The price guarantee is only applicable to identical products. In order to be considered as an identical product, the product must not differ in type, brand, year of manufacture, and any other characteristics. The customer must point out the difference in price at the time of placing the order. No discounts relating to the price guarantee will be approved subsequent to the order placement. The price guarantee applies only to prices available to the general public on an English-language website. For example, this does not include prices offered on membership programs, rewards programs, incentive programs, prices available only by using a coupon or other promotions not offered to the general public. The price guarantee is not applicable when products from BullionStar are compared with unavailable products from our competitors. The price guarantee is applicable when compared to other bullion retailers with Singapore as its place of business. The lower price must be quoted and able to be booked and paid for in Singapore Dollars without factoring in any sort of currency exchange. The lower price must be quoted and able to be booked without any additional costs or fees. The price guarantee is only valid if the competitor follows current laws. The price guarantee is valid on bullion products with a price above the spot price for gold, silver, or platinum respectively. No spread products are excluded from the Best Price Guarantee. The price guarantee is valid for products that BullionStar offers on its website and is limited to the quantity currently available for ordering. BullionStar reserves the right to reject the price guarantee for orders placed by registered companies, traders, and businesses or orders placed on behalf of such entities.

All requests are subject to verification by our customer service representatives. We will not verify any request that we believe, in our sole discretion, is the result of a human, printing, or other error or is made fraudulently or in bad faith. You must provide the customer service representative with all requested information relating to the lower price. BullionStar reserves the right to modify or cancel the best price guarantee at any time, for any or no reason, and without notice or liability to you, by modifying or removing the message about the price guarantee from its website. These price guarantee terms and conditions are governed by Singapore law.

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