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How to Withdraw Bullion from Vault Storage

It's easy and straightforward to physically withdraw your bullion from vault storage. Simply place a withdrawal order in accordance with the guidelines below and proceed to pick up your metal at BullionStar's bullion shop, showroom and vault at 45 New Bridge Road, Singapore 059398 or have the metals shipped to you. 

Step 1: Login to your account and go to Your Account > Withdraw Bullion.

Step 2: On the Bullion Withdrawal Checkout page, enter the quantity you would like to withdraw for the respective products in the fields under the "Qty to Withdraw" column.

Step 3: Select delivery method in the dropdown under the "Delivery" heading. You can choose whether to personally collect (pick-up) your products at our shop, showroom and vault at 45 New Bridge Road or have them shipped to you. Next, select payment method under the "Payment" heading. There is a fixed fee of SGD 129 per instance of withdrawal regardless of the quantity of metal withdrawn. If you choose to have your withdrawn items shipped, additional shipping and insurance charges apply. You can pay by bank transfer, by cheque, cash, NETS, card or the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin.

Step 4: Enter your PIN code. Read the Terms and Conditions and check the checkbox if you agree to them. Lastly, check the checkbox to acknowledge that your order is binding.

Step 5: An order confirmation page will appear. Your order number as well as the payment instructions can be found on the order confirmation. The order confirmation will also be sent to your e-mail address and as an SMS text message to your mobile phone number. 

Step 6: BullionStar will verify your order and process the vault withdrawal. 

Step 7: Proceed to BullionStar's shop at 45 New Bridge Road to pick up your bullion if you have selected "Personal Collection (Pick-up)" as your delivery method. If you have selected "Shipping by Courier" as your delivery method, BullionStar will send your delivery via courier as soon as your payment has been received and your withdrawal has been processed. 

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