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Founded in 2012, BullionStar is an international precious metals and bullion company with operations in Singapore, United States and New Zealand. Being open to partnerships and collaborative opportunities, our business model has grown to include institutional services, affiliate models, the integration of crypto-currency as a payment solution, back-end vaulting and fulfilment services for other precious metals companies and companies offering tokenised products.

Within the precious metals industry, we are interested in both upstream and downstream acquisition opportunities and are open to discussing business opportunities, partnerships and collaborations with refineries, mints, wholesalers and retailers of bullion or precious metals products. For relevant opportunities outside this peripheral, please feel free to contact us as well.

BullionStar is a privately held company and is audited by an independent licensed auditor in Singapore. With a tradition of sharing our fiscal data in a transparent manner, we invite you to have a look at our financials below.

Sales Revenue BullionStar 2018 - 2023


BullionStar Financial Reports

BullionStar releases key metrics about its financial performance at the end of every financial year, providing customers with unparalleled transparency and assurance. Click here to view BullionStar's past Financial Reports.

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