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Theory On China’s Gold Strategy

Developments at the Chinese central bank (PBOC) hint at more moves towards gold. The most important recent gold developments are; (i) the PBOC updated its official gold reserves from 1,054 tonnes to 1,658 tonnes on 17 July, (ii) the PBOC devalued the renminbi by approximately 3 % on 11 August, (iii) the PBOC again updated its official gold reserves on 15 August, increasing the... Continue Reading

Analyzing PBOC Official Gold Reserves Increment

As always, please make sure you’ve read The Mechanics Of The Chinese Domestic Gold Market before continuing. Finally last Friday the People’s Bank Of China (PBOC) updated its official gold reserves, from 1,054 tonnes, a figure reported since 2009, to 1,658 tonnes. Most gold analysts expected a number substantially higher than what was just disclosed. In this post... Continue Reading

China Rapidly Changing International Gold Market  

Since 2007 China has the largest domestic gold mining output, since 2011 the Shanghai Gold Exchange has been the largest physical gold exchange and in 2013 and 2014 China was the largest importer. Now the Chinese seek to escalate pricing power. From the beginning of the liberalization of China’s gold market in 2002, the governor of the People’s Bank Of China has been... Continue Reading

How Much Are Chinese Gold Reserves?

There has been much speculation about a slide from chairman and secretary-general of the China Gold Association Zhang Bingnan presented at the LBMA forum in Shanghai June 25, 2015. The slide states Chinese gold reserves are 9,816.03 tonnes, however, this refers to in ground mining reserves. I have never received so many emails and tweets as for inquiries about this slide,... Continue Reading

Global Financial Turmoil, Gold Price Doesn’t Move

It’s remarkable the Greek tragedy has had no influence on the gold price in recent weeks. We’ve heard repeatedly Europe and Greece could not reach a deal for an extended bailout, are financial markets suffering from Euroscrisis fatigue? Team Dijsselbloem-Juncker states they stretched all they could and offered the Greek government a reasonable deal that would require... Continue Reading

Former US Mint Director Clueless On Gold In Fort Knox

The Curious Case Of Edmund C. Moy Former US Mint director Ed Moy has made numerous false and self-contradictory statements regarding the gold at Fort Knox - a facility managed by the US Mint.  The is post is a sequel to A First Glance At US Official Gold Reserves Audits, Second Thoughts On US Official Gold Reserves Audits and US Government Lost 7 Fort Knox Gold... Continue Reading

Gold Fund To Serve The New Strategy Of The Silk Road, Lead The New Gold Development

Not surprisingly there is little official documentation on the recently launched Silk Road Gold Fund. However, the translation below (original article published on ifeng) provides an intriguing insight at what this Fund is about. On May 22 Chinese financial policy makers from the PBOC, Chinese gold industry executives from commercial banks, mining companies, the... Continue Reading

Why SGE Withdrawals Equal Chinese Gold Demand And Why Not (The Argument List)

Chinese Gold Market Essentials This post is an overview of all arguments presented by Western consultancy firms that should explain the difference between SGE Withdrawals and WGC Chinese gold demand. Once again we'll examine to what degree divers metrics can cause the difference.  Since my first post on SGE Withdrawals Equal Chinese Wholesale Gold Demand Western... Continue Reading

Strong Withdrawals Mainland & Hong Kong Gold Vaults

From June 8 - 12 withdrawals from SGE certified vaults in China mainland and CME Kilobar vaults in Hong Kong accounted 76 for tonnes. Withdrawals from the vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) and Shanghai International Gold Exchange (SGEI) came in elevated for this time a year at 46 tonnes in week 23 (June 8 - 12), up 41 % from the previous week. Year to... Continue Reading

Bank Of England Custodian Gold Drops 351t

The Bank Of England (BOE) has recently released its annual report in which it’s disclosed the gold held in custody for a range of customers was 5,134 metric tonnes on February 28, 2015, down 351 tonnes (6 %) form the previous year.  The data on gold in custody at the BOE is disclosed in billions of Great British Pounds. The annual report states the BOE’s custodian... Continue Reading

Interview Gold Futures Trader Petko Bankoff

Out of my interest in every participant in the gold market - not only physical gold advocates - I’ve interviewed gold futures trader Petko Bankoff from Bulgaria. Thanks Petko for your time to answer my questions!  What’s your background? I graduated the High School of Maths and Natural Sciences with the specialty "Earth sciences and English languages" in my hometown... Continue Reading

Bank Of China Joins LBMA Gold Price (London Gold Fix)

Originally published by the LBMA. Tuesday 16th June 2015. LBMA Gold Price - Bank of China joins as new participant. The LBMA today is pleased to announce that the Bank of China has been approved by ICE Benchmark Administration (IBA) to participate in the LBMA Gold Price auction process, administered by IBA. On 20 March, 2015, IBA successfully transitioned the LBMA... Continue Reading

Rectification Chinese Gold Trading Rules

I’ve found more detailed rules on the workings of the Chinese gold market regarding, (i) the use of onshore renminbi for contracts traded on the Shanghai International Gold Exchange (SGEI), (ii) gold sales of Chinese domestic gold mines. Previously I’ve written posts on these subjects that contained inaccurate information that I would like to correct. (My previous posts... Continue Reading

Western Consultancy Firms Continue Making Up False Arguments In An Attempt To Debunk SGE Withdrawals

More false arguments - that should explain the difference between Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) withdrawals and Chinese gold demand as disclosed by the World Gold Council - are being spread in the gold space. The most recent argument is gold export from China.  Since 2013 I’ve been writing the World Gold Council (WGC) is grossly understating Chinese gold demand. The... Continue Reading

The Redeployment of Asia’s Forex Reserves

China's New Silk Road initiatives provide it with a way to use its huge pile of foreign exchange, and its gold-buying could lead to more balanced international monetary regime By Miriam L. Campanella and Koos Jansen Originally published on Caixin Online. The New Silk Road initiatives, also known as the "One Belt, One Road" plan, proposed by President Xi Jinping in September... Continue Reading
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