Ronan Manly

Ronan Manly

Ronan Manly is a precious metals analyst with BullionStar whose blogs
often cover current themes including what's going on in the
London gold market and the gold activities of central banks.

LBMA Board Member & JP Morgan Managing Director Charged with Rigging Precious Metals
Rothschild emerges from the shadows for the Centenary of the London Gold Fixing
Chinese gold imports – Better data, lower inflows, unanswered questions
Gold the Ultimate Asset as Fed Joins Race to the Bottom in Global Rates
By Not Renewing the CBGA, Central Banks in Europe Look Ready to Buy Gold
Gold & Silver Price Manipulation – The Greatest Trick ever Pulled
Still Firing on all Cylinders: China’s Physical Gold Market
Pay-to-Play: LBMA shows contempt for the wider Gold and Silver markets
Curse of the London Gold Fix strikes again as SocGen abandons ship
When Politicians and Central Banks clash – the Gold of Romania and Italy
The Domino Effect – Romania joins Gold Repatriation exodus
RBA bosses squirm as Aussie politicians throw easy questions about RBA gold in London
Bank of England tears up its Gold Custody contract with Venezuela’s central bank
Separating truth from fiction in China’s golden game of Poker
French central bank and JP Morgan team up to boost Gold Lending
LBMA trading volume data confirms the paper gold casino in London
Bank of England refuses to return 14 tonnes of gold to Venezuela
Does the recent spate of Central Bank gold buying impact demand and price?
In surprise move, Central Bank of Hungary announces 10-fold jump in its gold reserves
Skepticism reigns about the True state of Chinese central bank gold reserves
LBMA Clearing and Vaulting data reveal the absurdity of the London ‘Gold’ Market
Paulson’s Shareholders Gold Council finally launches after initial delays
As Emerging Market Currencies Collapse, Gold is being Mobilized
The Shareholders Gold Council (SGC) – “Just don’t mention the Gold Price”
Sovereign Money Referendum: A Swiss Awakening to Fractional-Reserve Banking?
Turkey and Russia Highlight Gold’s Role as a Strategically Important Asset
Spoofing Futures and Banging Fixes: Same Banks, Same Trading Desks
Central Banks Care about the Gold Price – Enough to Manipulate it!
Why the World’s Central Banks hold Gold – In their Own Words
LBMA Alchemy and the London Gold and Silver Markets: 2 Steps Back
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