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Gold Is Going To Play A Role In A New Monetary System. Interview Koos Jansen by ‘Dutch Financial Times’

In the Netherlands we have a financial newspaper that prints on pink paper and is named “Het Financieel Dagblad”. Basically it’s the Dutch equivalent of the Financial Times. A few weeks ago I was interviewed by two of their reporters, Joost van Kuppeveld and Lenneke Arts. Today the interview was published as part of a series of interviews with gold experts, among others, with myself and Aerdt Houben, Director Financial Markets at the Dutch central bank (DNB). Perhaps not surprisingly I disagree with several statements of Houben in his interview, to which I would like to respond in a forthcoming post. For now, you can read my interview below. In case readers didn’t know my real name is Jan Nieuwenhuijs, and Koos Jansen is my Internet alias. Het Financieel Dagblad preferred to disclose my real name.

Original source at Financieel Dagblad, published 29 October 2016. Translated by Koos Jansen.

Gold Is Going To Play A Role In A New Monetary System

Jan Nieuwenhuijs

Profession: Precious metals analyst at BullionStar.com

Owns gold since 2010

“The whole world is now in the same boat. Everywhere there are low interest rates and on all continents money is printed. Only the United States has paused printing for the moment.

There are many flaws in fiat money. You can print it without limitations, which is politically too tempting. Fiat money printing was used to save the financial system in 2008, but since then nothing has changed. Banks are not split. In a next crisis it’s going to end badly with paper money. There will be significant inflation.

Gold is a hard currency. It can’t be printed – like fiat money. It is divisible and it does not perish. It retains its purchasing power in the long term. If it’s in the center of the monetary system, it will also be more stable in terms of purchasing power in the short and medium term. That has to do with economic principles; it is a commodity.koos-jansen-fd-2016-smaller In that respect I feel safe by keeping a portion of my savings in physical gold. I am protected from economic shocks. If the euro falls gold rises, and so my purchasing power is maintained.

Something has to happen in the international monetary system. It cannot stay centred around the dollar. Since 1971 – when the dollar was detached from gold – the United States has an exorbitant privilege. Most trade in the world is settled in dollars. Therefore, there is a huge demand for dollars in the world, and the US can simply print these dollars.

In the new system gold is going  play a role. Look at the developments in Europe. The Netherlands and Germany get their gold back from America. Austria and Belgium are also repatriating. Russia and China buy a lot of gold. The Chinese have too many dollars in foreign exchange reserves and are therefore at the mercy of the whims of US policy. The transition to a new system will be gradual. No one wants a new shock.

With my blog I try to fill the gap between mainstream media, who do not understand gold, and conspiracy theorists. I always try to seek the truth. Because if we get a new financial crisis, we must know the truth. The Dutch central bank shouldn’t state it holds 600 tonnes if it can’t show us the audit reports and gold bar list. That’s why I’m pushing for the audit reports and gold bars list to be publicly released, but those requests find a lot of resistance at my national bank. While you would think they can be fully transparent. What’s there to hide?”

Koos Jansen
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  • Niklas S

    Shanks for incredibly interesting posts regarding the chase of audit reports! So much more valuable information than what the main stream media has to offer. But then again, we know why they would not report on these things :).

  • Nooktorius

    Koos if you wan’t the Dutch public to respont on your information, maybe you should put out a Dutch fersion of your blog. If you do that I would’t sign up immidiatly and and be a promotor for your thoughts to any one who would listen.

  • Fred762

    Interestingly..there has never been a real physical inspection-type audit of either Ft Knox Gold Depository OR the Federal Reserve banking system..not one in 104 years. We do not know how much gold there is, OR if any gold is still at Ft Knox! We do not know who even owns the stock in the pvt bank system CALLED The Federal Reserve. Can you believe that???

    • Koos Jansen
      • Fred762

        Here is the ‘kicker’ from Bullionstar:: “Every year the gold in Fort Knox is ‘audited’ by checking the official joint seals that were placed on all vault compartments during the continuing audits of U.S.-owned gold from 1974 until 1986, when allegedly 97 % of the (Deep Storage) gold was inspected. However, a Freedom Of Information Act request I’ve submitted in order to obtain all audit reports could not be honored. Seven reports are missing.”

        1st, the audit in 1974 was a “show” put on by the FKBD/gvt with a buncha Congresscritters shown thru and some LOOKING at “gold” thru little’ holes in doors’. They did not know if the gold was good delivery vs coin melt. No cores were taken and nobody touched gold..to see if it was not just lead played w gold. ie it was propaganda and NOT an “audit”. This info from a Congressman who was THERE that day in 1974, tho I cannot recollect his name now,. My OP stands. Checking SEALS on DOORS is NOT an AUDIT.

        • Koos Jansen

          You’re telling me?

        • apberusdisvet

          Since all the vaults at Fort Knox are basically at ground level, the term “deep storage” obviously refers to gold yet to be mined on property owned by the USG in Nevada, Idaho, etc. This is not a conspiracy theory; just connect the dots that indicate that the US and its financial masters found it necessary to effectively wage war to steal the gold of Libya and the Ukraine, and to offer incredibly lame excuses to sovereigns wishing to repatriate their gold from the NYFed vaults which, btw, are now owned by China

  • ein anderer

    »No one wants a new shock.« True (ok, almost true; some want a new shock, because they hope to profit from it).
    »The transition to a new system will be gradual.« False. Not necessarily. Don’t underestimate the panic of the crowd. If the private sector’s $-faith is vanishing, the transition will be instantaneous — regardless of not wanting a shock.

  • Qualified Expert

    I guess owning physical Gold bullion will be challenging if Government like India: https://mishtalk.com/2016/12/07/india-confiscates-gold-even-jewelry-in-raids-on-hidden-money confiscate the gold from ordinary people who want to preserve their wealth.

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