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Gold Market Charts

Gold Market Charts – January 2017

This post features the latest versions of a selection of gold market charts created by the GOLD CHARTS R US website that have been chosen so as to capture gold demand, supply and physical movement data across some of the world's major gold markets. These include charts of Shanghai Gold Exchange physical gold withdrawals, Swiss gold export and import statistics, and Russian... Continue Reading

Gold Market Charts – December 2016

This is the second in a new series of posts highlighting charts relating to some of the most important gold markets, gold exchanges and gold trends around the world. These include charts of the Chinese Gold Market, the flow of gold from West to East via the London and Swiss gold markets, and the holdings of gold-backed Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Please see the November 2016... Continue Reading

Gold Market Charts – November 2016

This post highlights gold charts for gold markets and gold exchanges like the Chinese Gold Market, the flow of gold from West to East, the London Gold Market and Gold ETFs. All of the charts featured below are originating from GOLD CHARTS R US. For BullionStar's gold and silver price charts, go to BullionStar Charts where you for example can measure different assets in... Continue Reading
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