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The Power of Gold in Times of Crisis
Why Are Gold & Bonds Rising Together?

Why Are Gold & Bonds Rising Together?

  • date
  • author JP Koning
  • comments 4 Comments

In the 1970s, gold and bond prices tended to move in opposing directions. This is because higher-than-expected inflation pushes up the price of gold, but hurts the price of bonds.

But over the last two decades, the prices of these two assets have moved together. Why has this relationship changed? Continue Reading arrow

Wag the Dog – the New COMEX & SGE Gold Contracts
Why You Should Buy & Store Gold & Silver in New Zealand
LBMA Needs Reform to Serve Physical Precious Metals Market
Does Anyone Use the IMF’s SDR?
LBMA Removes JP Morgan’s Michael Nowak From Board
JP Morgan's Nowak Charged With Rigging Precious Metals
Rothschild Emerges For Centenary of the London Gold Fixing


  • date
  • author JP Koning
  • comments 13 Comments

Hyperbitcoinization, a term coined by Daniel Krawisz in 2014, refers to a thesis under which bitcoin, at first slowly and then rapidly, would replace traditional currencies. In effect, bitcoin-induced currency demonetization.

Although bitcoin certainly has plenty of good features, for mass adoption it would have to overcome the network effects of the world's domestic... Continue Reading arrow

Gold, Silver, and Platinum Surge Ahead
China's Gold Imports – Better Data, Unanswered Questions
More On the Puzzle of Negative Interest Rates
Singapore Rated the World’s Safest & Most Secure Nation
The Not-So-Crazy World of Negative Interest Rates

The Not-So-Crazy World of Negative Interest Rates

  • date
  • author JP Koning
  • comments 12 Comments

Are negative interest rates an artificial phenomenon that central bank technocrats have foisted on the world? Or can interest rates naturally turn negative, of their own accord? Continue Reading arrow

The History of the World is a History of Gold
Gold the Ultimate Asset as Global Central Banks Cut Rates
Europe's Central Banks Look Ready to Buy Gold
Gold & Silver Manipulation: The Greatest Trick Ever Pulled
How Governments’ War On Gold Leads to Smuggling
Poland Joins Hungary With Huge Gold Purchase & Repatriation
How Much U.S. Currency is Held Overseas?
Is Mahathir’s Gold-Backed Currency Just Loose Talk?
What is Money?

What is Money?

  • date
  • author BullionStar
  • comments 3 Comments

For something used by nearly everyone on the planet on a daily basis, the subjects of money and currency are surprisingly little understood and shrouded in mystery. But perhaps that’s the way governments and their central banks like it.

From a time in which only gold and silver were considered money, to a contemporary banking system where debt is created out of thin air and... Continue Reading arrow

The Fifth Wave: A New Central Bank Gold Agreement?
Gold Price Breakout in Multiple Currencies
Here Are Different Ways to Invest in Gold & Silver Bullion
An Introduction to Gold & Silver Investing

An Introduction to Gold & Silver Investing

  • date
  • author Gold & Silver 101
  • comments 5 Comments

Gold and silver bullion are the world’s best-known and most widely held precious metals, and both metals have played key roles throughout recorded history as forms of money, as forms of saving, and as means of wealth protection. Today, physical gold and physical silver in the form of investment bars and investment coins are highly … Continue Reading arrow

Should I Invest in Gold, Silver, or Platinum Bullion?
Should I Invest in Precious Metals Bars or Coins?
Learn About Precious Metals' Exemption From Singapore's GST
Storing Precious Metals, Gold, and Silver Bullion

Storing Precious Metals, Gold, and Silver Bullion

  • date
  • author Gold & Silver 101
  • comments 1 Comments

One of the most important decisions when saving and investing in precious metals is where to store your gold, silver and platinum bars and coins. Paramount to this choice of storage location is safety and security. Given the high value content of physical precious metals, many people choose to store their precious metals bars and … Continue Reading arrow

Gold & Silver Bullion Investing FAQs

Gold & Silver Bullion Investing FAQs

  • date
  • author Gold & Silver 101
  • comments 1 Comments

What is a Gold/Silver/Platinum Spot Price? The spot price for a precious metal is the current market price for that precious metal which is traded in the wholesale market for immediate delivery. The spot price is usually quoted in US dollars per troy ounce and refers to a quotation for a standard but large quantity. … Continue Reading arrow

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The Puzzle of Electrum Coins
Still Firing on All Cylinders: China’s Physical Gold Market
LBMA Shows Contempt For Wider Gold & Silver Markets
London’s Annual Platinum Week: A Showcase For Platinum
A West Point Vault is the Only Gold the U.S. Shows
Why Central Banks Should Hold Gold & Other Assets
SocGen Ceases Precious Metals Market Making
The Vast Gold Hoards Held by Germany’s Population
When Politicians & Central Banks Clash
Where Did All the Silver Coins Go?
Holding Precious Metals in Your IRA Retirement Account
Europe’s INSTEX Payments Channel Won’t Help Iran
BullionStar Financials FY 2018 – Year in Review
The Domino Effect: Romania Joins Gold Repatriation Exodus
Aussie Politicians Throw Easy Questions About RBA Gold
Australia’s Gold at the Bank of England
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