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Posted on 12 Oct 2014 by

Turd Ferguson Interviews Koos Jansen

Turd Ferguson interviewed me last Thursday (October 9, 2014), a conversation worth sharing because we talked about a lot of subjects, like Chinese gold demand (government demand and non-government demand), the Shanghai Gold Exchange, the PBOC, the SDR, the IMF, the Turkish gold market, the Chinese silver market, etc. There were of course a thousand things I forgot to mention, but I guess that’s inherent to an interview.

Note, I made one crucial mistake at 22:44, when I was talking about the Chinese silver market. Where I said “when the discount of silver in China reaches zero we can import from China”, of course what I meant was “when the discount reaches zero or becomes a true premium, China will start importing from the rest of the world”.

Koos Jansen
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