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Shanghai Gold Exchange Physical Delivery Week 43

Physical gold withdrawn from the SGE vaults was 33 tons last weeks (21-10-2013/25-10-2013), down 18 % from a week earlier. Premiums also came down, on 21 October the price of gold (Au99.95) on the SGE was 0,8 % over the international price, on 25 October it was 0,09 %. This is remarkable because premiums in India were as high as $120 per troy ounce over the week.

– 33 metric tonnes delivered in week 43 (withdraws from the SGE vaults), 21-10-2013/25-10-2013
– w/w – 18 %
– 1783 metric tonnes delivered year to date
– weekly average 41,4 tonnes YTD, 2013 estimate yearly total 2115 tonnes


For more information on SGE delivery read this and this, on it’s relation to Chinese gold demand read this.

Screen dump from SGE trade report; the second number from the left (本周交割量) is weekly physical delivery, the second number from the right (累计交割量) is total delivery YTD.

Premiums based on the SGE week reports. Difference between SGE gold price in yuan and international gold price in yuan.


Screen dump of premium section; the first column is the date, the third the international gold price in yuan, the fourth is the SGE price, and the last is the difference.

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