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Koos Jansen
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Matterhorn Interview With Koos Jansen

Lars Schall interviewed Koos Jansen on March 10, 2014.

In Gold We Trust

Koos Jansen
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  • 24 carat

    Up until now, we don’t really know what the exact gold policies are,…if any. We simply hear, in East and West, generalities on gold backing/support/stability for currency/economy and finance. All official statements on gold are cryptic and only for public consumption.
    We are all still supposed to live and die on the one and only $-standard, aren’t we.
    For the time being, there still is only one explicit dominating gold-pricing policy. That is, a $-reserve as good/better as gold. The pro-gold factions of the world cannot openly declare their distrust about the governing of the international $-monetary financial system by publicly announcing their gold and evolving goldpricing policy in detail.
    The globe’s pro gold factions await and anticipate the inevitable global monetary/financial reset. Inevitable, because of the systemic deficit/surplus balance making international cooperation impossible/dysfunctional. Reset, means making the gigantic global debtload less heavy (economically manageable) through massive currency devaluations.
    Gold and goldpricing policies of $-reserve non loyalists are meant in the first place to compensate for currency reserve losses by unilateral devaluations.Unilateral,because the West doesn’t yet has the political will to recognise the East as an equal partner in international cooperation. We now see the EU/EMU/€ acting on behalf of the $-system & regime. Because the global anti-$ forces are strengthening.
    The $-reserve maneuvered itself in an impossible catch-22 position by over-producing massive global debt. Gold and goldpricing will never function again as a disciplinator (goldstandard). The only remaining gold policy is a Gold Value Standard.

  • Bag of Gold
  • SS121

    The “confusing” China Gold Story…

    It’s supposed to be confusing. Why?

    Because as long as people are scratching their heads and trying to figure out how all those charts and catchy terms fit together… they are believing the original story. (even though the entire story is total BS)

    Just like with the silver and gold price index ‘charts’…

    “As long as people believe the charts are MANIPULATED, they will never suspect they are FAKE” -London Bros.


    “As long as people think i’m using inside info to make these profits, they will never suspect i’m running a ponzi” -Bernie

    Smoke, mirrors, a confusing story, then it’s “off you go now poor confused masses”…

    It’s how the entire World Fiat Currency System operates.

    Here’s the real super-simple answer to the China/Gold question…

    Q: How did China import X zillion tons of gold without raising the gold price??

    A: They didn’t. And the privately owned gold chart is a fake.

    Why would something that didn’t happen affect a software driven chart? It wouldn’t, and it didn’t. (Occam’s Razor?)

    Only Silver and Gold are Money, Keep Stackin and keep all the fantasy WFCS theater in context.

    And get some popcorn ready for their upcoming Global Econ/Currency crisis event, where they will be revaluing the metals charts and trying to implement a new world currency. All under the smoke screen cover of ChinaGoldPetroDollarMarketManipulationBitcoin Magic.

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