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Jayant Bhandari: Indians Are Desperate For Gold Because They Know Their Rulers Are Thieves

I found this a very informative interview about the Indian gold market. Sunny Pannu asks Jayant Bhandari, institutional advisor and writer with jayantbhandari.com, to briefly summarize the most important aspects of the Indian gold market.

The Asian Gold Myth

In Gold We Trust

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  • 24 carat

    The increasing Western financial repression is now the modern way of civilized/legalized theft and plunder of the common saltmine worker.States and moneymasters (merchants of debt) do promote systemic deficits. Since the introduction of the euro, Eurolanders lost more than half their purchasing power ! The deficit spending in EU & US cannot give the Western economy the needed escape velocity to reach the growth orbit. That’s why financial repression keeps rising.
    The Westerner is not YET desperate for gold. Is Germany desperate to get its gold back !? What has Ukraine been buying with its 33 tonnes of goldreserves ? Why is Irak buying 36 tonnes of goldreserves ? Who is stealing from who on central bank level…
    Is the ruling US$ global reserve-system & regime a fair system.
    How much financial repression can we tolerate for how long before we all become desperate for gold…

  • Wil Martindale

    ALL rulers are by definition thieves, in every corner of the planet. Because the entire system is unsound and dishonest, the rulers take on this character until sound and honest money returns. Then we will have virtue in leadership again.

  • vizeet srivastava

    Only thing I don’t agree is that India buys gold because rulers are thief. They buy gold because of high inflation, lack of banking facility in villages, religious reasons (Jewelry buying) and black market. I am an Indian also. Last government a decade back brought current account to surplus. Today Indian economy is in terrible condition and people are looking for candidate who talks about development so I am not pessimistic.

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