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Posted on 12 Jan 2014 by

Interview Koos Jansen by Turd Ferguson

This interview was recorded on January 10, 2014. It’s a nice chat between me (Koos Jansen) and Turd Ferguson. I also answered a few questions from Turd’s subscribers.

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Koos Jansen
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  • 24 carat

    Total world aboveground gold is 175,000 tonnes. How exactly is this physical gold distributed in the West (EU and US) and the East !? What are the exact figures for private and official/central bank gold ? How is physical gold distributed between pro and contra $-system factions ?
    We need the correct answers on these questions as to know who will profit/lose from an evolving gold revaluation. Hart of the matter is the balanced goldmetal distribution !
    Will there ever be an international agreement on gold’s revaluation IN or OUT a new monetary order !? Will official/CB gold (35,000 tonnes) be revalued against the central banks balance sheet or the globe’s monetary base ? What effect could this have on private gold (140,000 tonnes)?
    Thougts anyone…

    • Elaisa

      He who holds the remaining 2.4 million tons of gold benefits the most.
      I would give you a link but someone is deleting them.
      The bullion banks do not want you to know about this 2.4 million tons of gold.

      • LV

        Someone is deleting the link??? Now I´m really interested!

        • In Gold We Trust

          What link?

      • GURIK

        I assume you refer to fantasts like Benjamin Fulford or Bix Weir ?

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