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The Great HFT Debate With Michael Lewis On CNBC

Great watch on High Frequency Trading Trading rigging markets. The debate about HFT is between William O’Brien, BATS Global Markets Presidents, Brad Katsuyama, IEX Group President, and Michael Lewis, Author of Flash Boys. Broadcasted on CNBC April 2, 2014.

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Koos Jansen
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    I think this whole HFT corruption is just a distraction from the real market rigger, the FED, pouring in hundreds of billions to drive it to all time highs and keep it looking good in the face of an obviously terrible economy. Average people are dropping out of equities in droves and a “clean up” of the HFT rigging is an effort to get them back in.

    • hambone

      layer upon layer of manipulation, deception, and lies.

    • Syeswideshut

      Not only that but artificially low interest rates make stocks artificially high in price as future earnings are capitalised at a lower than natural discount rate to create present values. Nothing is real in modern markets but the gold and silver you hold in your hand is!

  • Foggy Road
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