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Edward Snowden Testimony At PACE, April 4, 2014

For the ones that are interested in Privacy and the NSA, this testimony of Edward Snowden at The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) is a comprehensive summary of all his revelations as yet. In 30 minutes you will be fully updated and refreshed!

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  • Michael Yates

    Sadly, this genie is out of the bottle and cannot be put back. Give government the ability to gain an advantage and it will not let it go for any reason. They will spend whatever is necessary to try to cover their actions or bribe regulators but they will never relinquish the power.

    The only option is to develop defense mechanisms and dedicate resources to the ongoing improvement of those defenses. Then repeatedly hold the feet to the fire of the NSA through international law and removing corrupt officials who have been bribed. Though this last suggestion will ultimately prove futile since corruption is so pervasive that your regulators will sooner or later succumb
    We wanted a society free from right and wrong, free from God even, well we got one. And this is just the beginning, when societies do not value ethics, anything can and does happen

  • Jeffrey

    Very sad, and NSA is military, military complex is out of control in the US, this is like Star Wars now and we are the rebels!
    So disgusting how the big Banks, the politicians and the military get away with anything now!

  • Jeffrey

    Leave God out of it, most of those military psychos are religious fanatics! Freedom of religión is also the freedom not to have religión! Remember separation of Church and state! Religión controlled all in the dark ages and religious fanaticism is controlling all now! The US is filled with Christian fanatics being led by Zionists and Neo Cons! Value has nothing to do with religión! In fact the more religión we have the less values we have! Damn! Every idiot that kills in the name of God or robs in the name of God, like Blankfein said, he is doing God´s work! This site is IN GOLD WE TRUST, NOT IN GOD WE TRUST! That is a license to ill!

  • Arandom
  • Allthefools
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