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Dutch Central Bank Tight-lipped About Gold Policy

Only 11 % of Dutch official gold reserves, which is 613 tons in total, is stored in Amsterdam. The rest is held abroad; 20 % in Ottawa, 20 % in London and 49 % in New York. Because of my believe gold will re-enter the monetary system within a few years I’m most concerned about the safety of the official gold reserves of the Netherlands held abroad. Just like the Germans are, expressed by the repatriation of some of their gold. Germany decided to repatriate 300 tons from New York and 374 tons from Paris in a seven year period, so that at least half of their gold reserves are stored at home. The following slide is from a gold report written by the German central bank, the Bundesbank:

German gold repatriation plan

From second hand I had heard the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Federal reserve (the custodian of the Dutch gold in New York) did have some correspondence in recent years about monetary gold, but the Dutch did not decide to repatriate any gold because the subject was rather sensitive, according to my source. Through which we can conclude it’s vey likely the FED doesn’t hold all the foreign gold they claim, how else can this subject be sensitive. If a friend would store a book in my home for 30 years but would like to have it back at a certain moment I would be happy to return it. Only if I would have lost or sold the book his request would be rather sensitive.

 De Nederlandsche bank

In The Netherlands we have a law called WOB (Wet Openbaarheid van Bestuur). It means the law for openness of governess, this is the Dutch version of FOIA.

On December 12, 2013 I sent the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) a WOB request to inspect all correspondence, from the past 45 years, regarding monetary gold between DNB and all other central banks, mainly the Federal Reserve.

The next day I got a call from DNB in which they told me they received the request and it would be processed, confirmed by a letter four days later.


Wow, great service I thought. I was looking forward to reading the correspondence.

But then on December 20, 2013, I got another letter from DNB.

DNB 2.1

Translated in short: the WOB act applies for just about everything the government does, except its gold dealings. What a surprise..

Of course I will fight this till the end.  I would also like to encourage everybody around the world to ask his central bank about their gold allocation. Do not forget the official gold reserves of a (democratic) country are owned by its citizens, not by a few politicians. So why are we not allowed to examine our own gold?


To be continued…

Koos Jansen
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  • Bill Rice

    Thank you for your efforts on this topic. I hope a member or two of the national and international press corps follow up on this as well, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Oceansailor

    Interesting post. Unfortunately most of the gold held by the FED has diasappeared and is probably already in Asia. Don’t ask for it since that will destabilize Western Ponzi banking.

  • 24 carat

    The sensitivity about central bank goldreserves is : Hey, WHY do you want te repatriate your goldmetal now so suddenly after all these years !? Don’t you trust your transatlantic friend/ally (and liberator) no more. How come. And,…what are you planning to do with this goldmetal in your vaults. Do you have the intention of doing something that is not dollar friendly.
    So, what exactly does a central bank has to answer on this questions ?
    Are official (CB) goldreserves really the property of the people of a democratic state ??? Not even your money (digits) is your property.

    • esqualido

      “Hey, WHY do you want to repatriate your gold metal now?” (When my bank starts asking me why am making withdrawals, I’ll look for another bank.) After watching U.S. banks fork over $60 billion in fines for dodgy shenanigans (but no admissions of guilt, much less indictments, can you blame them?

  • Eppes

    Hello Koos,
    On the internet I found this about the Nationale Bank van België:


    1. In 2012 heeft de Bank gemiddeld 46,1 ton van haar tegoeden in goud uitgeleend.
    De Bank leent goud uit tegen onderpand aan commerciële banken met een voldoende hoge kredietwaardigheid. De Nationale Bank heeft geen zicht op het gebruik dat de ontleners maken van het ontleende goud.
    2. De opbrengsten van de goudleningen voor het boekjaar 2012 bedroegen 11,6 miljoen euro. De opslagkosten voor het goud zijn beperkt.
    3. De goudleningen van de Bank geven geen aanleiding tot fysieke bewegingen van het goud bij de bewarende instelling. Zoals hierboven aangehaald, heeft de Bank geen zicht op het gebruik dat de ontleners maken van het goud.
    4. Het risico op de goudleningen wordt vooreerst beperkt door de zorgvuldige keuze van de tegenpartij (commerciële banken met een voldoende hoge kredietwaardigheid).

    • In Gold We Trust

      Als de NBB 46,1 ton uitleent (uitleased) wordt dit dan ook in mindering gebracht op hun total goud reserve balans?

      • Eppes

        Dat moet je aan onze minister van financiën vragen 🙂
        Wat mij opvalt is hetvolgende:
        De Nationale Bank heeft geen zicht op het gebruik dat de ontleners maken van het ontleende goud.
        Ze weten niet eens wat er met hun goud(ons goud) gebeurt.

        • In Gold We Trust

          I think the answer to my question is NO. And thus gold leasing from CB’s is “fractional” created gold.

  • esqualido

    ” I would also like to encourage everybody around the world to ask his central bank about their gold allocation.” That would be about as productive as Oliver Twist’s asking for another spoonful of gruel.

  • esqualido

    It was only about two years ago that the Fed rejected a Freedom of Information Act demand for documents submitted by Judicial Watch (please bookmark their site)on the grounds that as a private corporation, it was not subject to FOIA. They, like all central banks are full of secrets, the biggest of which is in plain sight: they and not “the U.S. people,” or “our democratically elected government” are the actual owners of what is commonly reported as “U.S. gold reserves.” And anyone who thinks they are handing their gold over to China because other Americans have been persuaded to triple the national debt in 15 years is also deluded. Read : (http://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/weekly-updates/44-open-fed/)

  • esqualido

    Sorry, the link to the story was broken, but at the Judicial Watch site, just prepare a stiff drink and then type “Fed” into the search window.

  • Bill197511

    Fort Knox is empty.

  • Johnny Reb

    Meanwhile in Switzerland the SNB is claiming that the drop in the value of their remaining gold reserves has caused them a CHF 15billion loss:


    So a short term change in the value of an ultra long term asset leads to a loss? What total bullshit, the SNB gold peg to the € is producing losses, and the SNB is covering it up and playing politics by blaming the coming gold initiative


    The SNB, and the rest of the BIS central bankers including the Netherlands, are desperate to prevent the remonetization of gold

  • Discreet Bullion

    Best of luck to you Koos with your WOB request. It took me and others a year just to get the Reserve Bank of Australia just to admit where they store our 80 tonnes of gold. http://ausbullion.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/reserve-bank-of-australia-admits-999-of.html

  • guest

    The gold in every central bank’s possession around the world is the property of the citizens of that country, not of the incumbent politicians or central bankers.
    Consequently, if the people want it audited, there shouldn’t be any reason to say no.

    … Unless…

    When are we finally going to start holding these politicians and central bankers accountable for their actions and demand control of our country, our countries wealth and sovereignity back and call out these corrupt politicians and central bankers for the ordinairy lowlife criminals and opportunist traitors they are…

  • Klepzeiker

    We asking it back,because its our cold. And I think,someof you,don t understand what usa is doeing, they solt everything from the forenger and plays beautifol weather and they hope that we believe in dollars. Keep sleeping and also the western goverments.

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