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Koos Jansen

Koos Jansen

Koos Jansen is a precious metal analyst from the Netherlands. Koos
mainly provides unique insights about Chinese gold market.

Chinese State Press On How The Fed Has Been Manipulating The Price Of Gold For Decades

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This is an article from the Chinese state press agency CNTV (China Network Television), which later appeared on www.best-news.us. The writer describes how soon after Nixon closed the gold window in 1971 – and the price of gold sky rocketed to $800 an ounce – the Fed started to combat the price of gold up until today in order to maintain the dollar hegemony. Their main tactics; leasing gold and shorting it. The Chinese are fully aware of this game and know exactly how it’s going to end.
Nice read on what everybody knows but what western governments and mainstream media refuse to say. 



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Gold lease is the tool of the global credit game

Published: 16:12:41 April 16,2013  Views: 3

The price of gold and credit is closely related to the world’s financial and industrial crisis, will eventually be a credit crisis. Suppress gold significance lies not only in gold, the currency and the currency of the credit behind.

The global finance deputy editor-in-chief

Zhang Jie

Gold lease is the gold settlement system is an important innovation, continue to lease gold in the market circulation and derivatives, equal to create a lot of gold in circulation, which is of great significance for the United States gold leasing business The Federal Reserve and other Western central banks secret means to regulate the gold market, is also a means of derivative gold credit is a means of global credit game.

China had gold lease ‘loss’

World Gold leasing in the price of gold in the 1980s to create a period of over 800 US dollars per ounce bull and then turn bear down, to carry out such business at the time to effectively combat the price of gold, more strategic gold Price: national credit to lower the price of gold to effectively combat the Soviet Union and in 1989 was blocked by China and South Africa blocked because of racial issues, because when these three countries in the international community to buy necessities, heavily dependent on gold, the price of gold has become a foreign credit protection in these countries.

In the 1990s, the introduction of the gold leasing business, to effectively combat the price of gold, the low price of gold and oil prices for much-needed foreign exchange and the International Monetary hard currency, the countries of the former Soviet Union, South Africa have caused great difficulties in gold prices are low with poor credit, these countries have cheap resources or sale of core assets, a lot of resources in China are cheap in those days but now the higher price back Western enrichment extensively in the whole process of China to suppress the gold.

Gold credit is even more critical, because in the case of fermentation of the world crisis, the war increased the risk of conflict, global full-scale conflict, the globalization of the financial system would collapse, the currency of the countries in the international credit will reduce to the freezing point, but the flow of assets can become international credit, this flow of assets is gold, natural gold credit will be very critical, gold world credit game a powerful weapon. commodity crude oil and other difficult to reserve and frequent trading of goods can not be used as credit equivalents, as the leading gold is inevitable, so that the gold lease is the world’s credit game tools and instruments.

Credit to occupy the commanding heights of the use of gold lease


If the Fed to engage in gold lease, leased to who is the crux of the problem. Lease gold in the gold bull market process, there will be a huge loss for short delivery agencies, we do not see these losses but does not mean that there is no body to do the possibility of false accounts exist, such as that of Lehman. the Fed directly short days the amount of gold reserves and do not cook the books possibility, but the Fed is entirely possible to engage in the days of the gold lease and related lessee should be a huge loss if the loss exposure, it should be another well-known institutions fell, the crisis caused by the world financial markets as much as the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the signs of such a crisis, Germany, the IMF should hear the wind does not come from nowhere. these seriously affect the credit-worthiness of the countries and agencies.

Gold lease rights is not just receive a little rent, but with the ability to short gold, which has an important significance for the central bank to intervene in the currency market, because the currency of today’s world is in the process of printing money issued, the EU push its currency stable mechanisms, the United States QE3 QE4, Japan is also relaxed these countries to keep loose condition is printing money after iconic product prices do not, to be able to maintain the currency of the credit, as long as the iconic commodity prices can effectively suppression of inflation panic, you can continue to Banknote Printing and down, who are able to stick to the end, insist on printing money to other countries collapsed, who is the winner.

The measure of a particular foreign currency credit iconic products mainly gold and oil!

United States has adopted the concept of shale oil and gas as well as for the control of the Middle East to control oil prices, Europe controlled by the war in Libya Libya’s oil supply, the advantage of Germany is the Soviet Union to East Germany’s oil supply system, so the price of oil is controlled, here is the need to make the price of gold is also controlled characteristics due to the recognition of the history of money and is easy to store the custody of gold than oil is more natural and historical advantages.

If you want to control the gold, it is necessary to short the gold market chips, the central bank directly suppress the back of the accusations of market manipulation, but the central bank’s gold lease ghost feel gold is more in the case of the financial crisis, the more monetary property, credit the greater the significance, to suppress the actual market price of gold is to occupy the commanding heights of the credit to control monetary credit, will affect the level of the exchange rate and other countries for the price of gold hit are the way of the national currency, Germany is the Euro leader, shipped back to these golden in a sense – if the market problems, as long as the Frankfurt effectively shorting gold, society will not panic about the fate of Germany and the euro, or the society should hold gold as a hedge. Greece crisis, Greece is firmly seize the gold does not let go.

German emperor to abdicate the Fed

If the Fed’s large reserves of gold for the gold lease, then the quantity of gold which the Fed Treasury will have a big problem, Germany and France requiring importers to return the gold, the market for a short squeeze of the Federal Reserve, the Federal Reserve to recover the leased gold causing huge fluctuations, which is a new round of international capital credit game.


Although the Fed may be leased gold, but I believe that the Fed rental gold to so severe short positions, as well as France and Germany look at the number of gold, which is very unlikely, because the Fed can only gold concentrate up to the German central bank, the German is not entitled to a comprehensive audit and ask to see other countries gold, so gold in the United States should be not so critical, do not give Germany and France view, not shipped back to gold in Germany, there should be deeper game demand, this demand should be related to the international financial game, this is a game between the national credit, gold financial products and money, there is the authority of the Federal Reserve. precedent Germany suspected U.S. credit can view the world all countries so, the authority and hegemony of the United States would cease to exist.

The Bundesbank shipped back to gold, the purpose is to get the right to hold gold and gold lease in the case of gold can be leased, even if nominally holding gold, but gold is not in their own hands, the difference is huge for the gold the Fed and other central banks, even if the Fed agreed to lease gold, and the Fed did not take your gold overdrafts leased out, you have to lease gold short at least have valuable information leaked to the Americans Moreover, timeliness, to the Fed what to do, you can not operate immediately, but also the face of the Americans, Americans may also make use of hedging instruments in the market targeted operation in a competitive position, especially the euro and the dollar today, Americans hold the lifeblood of very uncomfortable, not to mention the gold lease the right to choose who is a transfer of benefits, so Germany is an urgent need to grasp the initiative in the financial markets back to the gold shipped from the Federal Reserve, which is to limit the possibility of the Federal Reserve gold lease means of the so-called security reasons, I believe that an excuse factors more real security problems.

Germany not only from the United States back to the gold shipped back to the gold, but also from France, France and Germany, the competition in the European Union which is also very important, Germany shipped back to gold, is to compete for dominance in the gold euro price manipulation in Europe, and thus European credit game to take the initiative if the euro and gold prices at a reasonable level, the credit of the euro can be guaranteed, the European Union can be a good loose, especially the euro may get rid of the burden of the PIIGS, the establishment of the core the euro area, when even more so, this is an important bargaining chip to compete with the U.S. credit if the world is further a credit crisis, who holds a gold key, gold and settlement system is an alternative to the settlement system of national currencies, the EU countries in issue of the euro, the country’s foreign exchange reserves basic number of countries and some gold, if the euro suddenly there is a crisis, gold reserves still in the hands of the Americans, the United States will have a right to decide dominate Europe, Europeans do not willing.

For the Fed, the ability to store the gold in the world, able the global gold clearing system to get their hands, is the key to the dollar able to dominate the world, because if there is a global independent of the outside of the Federal Reserve gold clearing system, then this system must be the U.S. dollar is the relationship between credit competition, gold with natural good credit, for continuous printing money dollar is a nightmare, the dollar to have hegemony in the United States to control the world gold clearing system, and if the world were the gold from the Federal Reserve shipped back to the Federal Reserve to control the world’s gold liquidation would cease to exist the world’s gold is stored at the back of the Fed is the United States is committed to the Bretton Woods system in the international market to maintain the parity of the dollar and gold, the Bretton Woods system has been broken for 30 years , the United States unilaterally make this system rupture is suspected of violation of the original agreement, countries want to take back the gold reserves in the United States also have some legal basis.

Germany seeks the behavior of gold shipped back to actually take the lead in challenging the Fed’s gold liquidation hegemony, Germany to take the lead in challenges, there must be behind a series of ideas, not just chasing gold in times of crisis in the euro, the EU to establish their own gold clearing system as an alternative and crisis temporary solution possible choices, we must not forget, Germany, the EU has been advocating austerity, Germany gold holdings in their own hands, limiting his country’s gold lease short, particularly in Germany caused by such a move gold panic, would do well to support the price of gold, to combat short of confidence, market confidence is much higher than the real deal, when there are a large number of deficit concerns the Federal Reserve gold in the market, dare short of gold on a large scale. ? here we should see the differences between the United States and Europe as well as Germany.



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