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Will This Be A New World Reserve Currency?

In the Pacific there has been a currency exchange system since 2009 that allows individuals to sent funds directly to each other. Payments in the same currency can be made instant and free of charge, swapping currencies takes no more than 5 minutes (to allow time for market orders to accumulate so that the best exchange rate possible is achieved) and has very low fees. This system is called KlickEx. It only deals in cleared funds, so all users (or banks) have an account at KlickEx, which can be excessed from a computer or mobile phone for deposits and withdrawals.

At this moment it deals in Pounds Sterling, Australian Dollars, New Zealand Dollars, Samoan Tala and Tongan Pa’anga. Currencies coming soon are the Euro, US Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar and Japanese Yen. Let me introduce you to the CEO of KlickEx, Robert Bell.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxRD5i-vuWc]

Whoohaa, this is huge! Endorsements from central banks, the European Union and the United Nations. Instant payments in your favorite fiat currency shortly available in Europe, the United States and Asia. But wait, it gets better..

In November 2013 Mr Bell gave a presentation on the latest developments at his company. The birth of a new global asset-backed currency.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0U2fkcTFjM]

Did he really say IMF, SWIFT, SDR and asset-backed?

From the Finovate website:

After extensive testing in the Pacific, KlickEx is pleased to announce the development of a new asset-backed and algorithmic crypto-currency for institutional and retail use. A stable, international risk-free asset is a key foundation for efficient financial markets, and KlickEx’s award winning interbank payment network has an exemplary track record in stability, and efficiency. Having eradicated the significant systematic deficiencies of Bitcoin, then bridged the portfolio limitations of the IMF’s SDR, the new base asset is a proactive response to recent negative public sentiment towards banking in general, and recent global events including The GFC, Euro-Crisis, BASEL II, III, and fiscal & political instability in Prime currencies.

KlickEx believes in efficient, effective, and accessible financial markets. Our products enhance transparency, stability, inclusion, and systematic velocity by eliminating counter-party risks from central bank balance sheets, informal remittance networks, and mitigating cash inefficiencies for commercial banks, mobile operators and regulators. KlickEx has taken the best, and made it better.

Key Investors: SWIFT, EU, AusAID, United Nations Capital Development Program (UNCDP/PFIP), HM NZ Treasury, Private Investors, Friends and Family & Management

I’ve had email contact will Mr Bell in which he wrote me extensively about his view on economic theory and how his company is developing new solutions for the problems we face. Because they’re still in a developing phase I’m not comfortable writing about the details of their new project (at this moment I have more questions than answers), but if there is more clarity I wil most certainly publish additional information. Mr Bell also told me it will be a slow process as he requires central bank approval in each currency before he is allowed to offer his basic platforms, from which he builds the interesting stuff. This won’t happen over night.

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  • Hugh

    I registered but most currencies are not in the system yet.

  • Collin

    The one and ONLY answer to the debt problem is to declare it null and void because of FRAUD! It is fraud because it is mathematically impossible to repay ! It can not be repaid because the interest is never created on the loan and that is fraud ! And fraud voids all ! If we don’t void all out of thin air debt the bankers will own almost EVERYTHING ! And we will be homeless slaves ! They have a license to counterfeit ! Can I counterfeit the money to repay the loan ? Why not ? If we even attempt to repay a impossible debt (the national debt) all we do is show our ignorance ! The way to fix this mess is so simple a 3rd grader can figure it out ! We void the fraudulent debt! and everyone keeps ALL the items they have so called debt on ! And then we start to use a debt free currency and / or gold and silver ! And then we will have a robust economy like never before — OR WE LET THE BANKERS STEAL EVERYTHING !
    I was in about the third grade when the news was talking about the national debt and I asked my dad who do we owe money to and who could possibly be richer than the United States? and where did they get the money? And then my dad took a gulp off his beer and said we owe it to our self ! I said that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard of ! that’s like me borrowing from my right pocket and setting fire to the interest and putting the rest in my left pocket ! This was about 1972 ! But Dad was wrong! We owe it to international Bankers running the biggest Ponzi scheme on earth called The Federal reserve system! And yes it really is this simple ! The bankers have a shoe in on ALL loans they make ! All they have to do is stop lending and then start foreclosing on ALL debts!-meaning they now own everything that has a debt by having a license to counterfeit ! So we 1 keep getting fleeced by continuing to pay this fraudulent scheme ! OR 2 we declare ALL out of thin air debt NULL AND VOID because of FRAUD ! And we ALL keep everything we have so called debt on! MOST people don’t get this part Every car, boat, house, machine, tool, farm,ect. has already been paid for by the fraudulent paper! So no one looses ! WE sure as hell cant give it to the banksters! (let them steal it) AND IT DOESENT MATTER IF YOU WANT TO REDUCE THE DEBT 90% ITS STILL UNPAYABLE! So when we void the FRAUD This will be the ultimate FRESH start for everyone ! Share this if you want THE solution to the WORLDS problems! If not everything will continue to get worse until we have HONEST DEBT FREE MONEY /and GOLD AND SILVER ! And there is plenty of gold and silver! just Divide the paper money (FRN) by the gold /silver and you have the value of them! NO MATTER WHAT IT COMES TO per OZ ! Then we would be happy to work for SAY A ONE OZ. SILVER COIN A day ! Because NOW REAL MONEY will buy what $100 did before the reset! THINK ABOUT IT! This is what Scripture calls the jubilee

  • Ditto

    what collin said

  • Michaelprotects

    Dont see how this puts corruption in jail. The squid will just hijack this or any new system that comes along. With investors like he has, I know one thing for sure, this will not be a solution, just another version of the status quo.

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