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China Stops Publishing SGE Withdrawal Figures

UPDATE 11 MARCH 2016: THE SGE HAS CONFIRMED TO CONTINUE PUBLISHING SGE WITHDRAWALS!  My research into the Chinese gold market started in 2013 when I noted the significance of a number published on a weekly basis in the Chinese Market Data Weekly Reports on the website of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) regarding the amount of physical gold withdrawn from the vaults. It... Continue Reading

In China Everyone Can Buy Gold At The SGE

The Shanghai Gold Exchange launched a smartphone app for customers to trade gold. It's advised to have read The Chinese Gold Market Essentials Guide before you continue. The main reason there is such a large discrepancy between Chinese gold demand as disclosed by the World Gold Council (WGC) and the amount of gold withdrawn from the vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange... Continue Reading

Are SGE Withdrawals Gone?

Did the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) just ceased publishing the weekly amount of gold withdrawn from the vaults? If so, the SGE has chosen to add another layer of secrecy over the Chinese gold market. As, SGE withdrawals provide a unique metric for Chinese wholesale gold demand.  This started on 11 January 2016 when the SGE released the “Announcement on... Continue Reading

A Thorough Examination Of Cross-Border Gold Trade Between Australia And China

As China doesn't publicly disclose how much gold it imports, we have to combine the foreign trade statistics from all large gold exporting nations to figure out how much is flowing to China. The second largest gold producer in the world is Australia with an annual production of 270 tonnes, according the US Geological Survey. The majority of Australia’s mine output is... Continue Reading

The Chinese Gold Market Essentials Guide

Everything there is to know about the Chinese gold market and the true size of Chinese private and official gold demand. Start here. This post was updated in late 2017.  This post will guide you through all relevant articles that have been published on BullionStar Blogs over the years that elucidate the mechanics of the Chinese (domestic) gold market and true Chinese... Continue Reading

Interview Koos Jansen By Lars Schall, November 2015

I was interviewed by Lars Schall on behalf of Matterhorn Asset Management, 4 November 2015. Please listen to the podcast below, or you can read the transcript provided with links for further reference. Wa talked about PBOC gold purchases, the London Bullion Market, The Shanghai Gold Exchange, the Silk Road Economic Project and much more! China is playing the gold game... Continue Reading

Interview Willem Middelkoop About The Big Reset

The very reason I became interested in gold after the financial crisis in 2008 was because of Dutch gold guru, author, journalist, entrepreneur, and fund manager Willem Middelkoop. When I started reading his books I was immediately obsessed with economics and the gold market - along with thousands of others across the world.  Who would have thought that I would become a... Continue Reading

The PBOC Was Buying Gold in London In The Nineties

I couldn’t resist translating this must read from 1993 in Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad (h/t @frankknopers) about the gold sales by the Dutch central Bank (DNB). Presumably, “a part” of the 400 tonnes sold at the time through the Bank For International Settlements went to the Chinese central bank. Although we don’t know for sure what the Chinese central bank did with... Continue Reading

Chinese Gold Import At 1,152t YTD, Annualized 1,438t

Withdrawals from the vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), our measure of Chinese wholesale gold demand, accounted for 43 tonnes in week 47 (spanning from 30 November until 4 December). Year to date SGE withdrawals have reached 2,405 tonnes. SGE withdrawals in 2015 have broken every record, though Chinese (consumer) gold demand is not likely to transcend that of... Continue Reading

China’s Gold Army

As part of the wide analysis of the Chinese domestic gold market I would like to share that since the seventies there is a special army in China dedicated to gold. It’s called The Gold Armed Police - if you can read Chinese have a look at this Wikipedia page. It’s no coincidence this army came into existence in 1979, eight year after the US left the gold standard and... Continue Reading

Renminbi Internationalization And China’s Gold Strategy

Here we go! A seminar about gold supporting the internationalization of the renminbi and China's financial strength was held in Beijing on 18 September 2015. One of the keynote speakers was Song Xin, President of the China Gold Association (CGA), Chairman of the Board of China International Resources Corporation, President of China National Gold Group Corporation and Party... Continue Reading

Silver Maple Leaf Sales Surge 76 % Y/Y

In the third quarter 9.5 million ounces (295 tonnes) of silver were sold in Maple Leaf Coins by the Royal Canadian Mint, according data released on Friday. Third quarter silver coin sales at the Canadian Mint were up 76 per cent from the third quarter in 2014 and up 40 % from the second quarter in 2015. The data available on the website of the Royal Canadian Mint shows... Continue Reading

What Happened To The Shanghai International Gold Exchange?

Withdrawals from the vaults of the largest physical gold bourse globally, the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), accounted for 54 tonnes (in week 45 / 16 until 20 November), up 10 % from last week. Year to date SGE withdrawals have reached 2,313 tonnes, which is an all time record. Please make sure you've read The Mechanics Of The Chinese Domestic Gold Market, Chinese Gold... Continue Reading

Switzerland Gold Export China October 29t, +34% m/m

First, withdrawals from the vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE), our best measure for Chinese wholesale gold demand, accounted for 49 tonnes in week 44 (9 - 13 November), up 9 % from the previous week. Year to date SGE withdrawals have reached 2,259 tonnes, which is already more than any previous yearly total. Seasonally, SGE withdrawals are the highest around... Continue Reading

Reuters Spreads False Information Regarding The Chinese Gold Lease Market

A reporter from Reuters asserts there is 2,000 tonnes of gold tied up in the Chinese gold lease market. Once again, we will debunk these fictitious statements.  Kindly be advised to have read Mechanics Of The Chinese Domestic Gold Market and Chinese Gold Trade Rules And Financing Deals Explained before you continue. (More in depth information on the Chinese gold lease... Continue Reading
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