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Dutch Youth Buying Goldbars

In the financial section of the biggest newspaper in The Netherlands, De Telegraaf, an article was published on March 22 about a growing Dutch population investing in physical gold; a young generation is becoming more aware of finance and is acting accordingly. This generation no longer chooses to save in saving accounts, but prefers to buy physical gold. “They see their parents don’t receive their promised pension and they expect themselves to get even less. They spent each month, for example, €200 or €300 euros on physical gold.”

The article is titled Youth Buys Goldbars. From De Telegraaf:

More and more young people are buying gold coins and bars to ensure their retirement. According to a Dutch gold dealer: “The number of these customers has tripled in 2013.”

According to Marleen Evertsz of GoldRepublic, an online trading platform for physical gold, the young gold investors have little to none confidence in traditional pension funds. They prefer something tangible. “It’s the new generation that can’t get a mortgage but do have a student loan. They see their parents don’t receive their promised pension and they expect themselves to get even less. They spent each month, for example, €200 or €300 euros on physical gold.”

I notice the same developments in my surroundings (I’m young and Dutch). It’s the generation who reads news from the internet instead of the mainstream media, vividly spreading awareness about economics, that is changing its views about prudent saving from pension funds to hard assets such as physical gold and silver.

“These are often young entrepreneurs who can just afford to invest a little in gold”, says Jaap Raijmans, gold dealer at Goudstandaard, of this growing group. “Saving like their parents did hasn’t been smart for years. They prefer to put some physical gold in the vault.”

Koos Jansen
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  • Joshua Roberts

    Gives me profound hope for the future of my species to see so crucial a shift in the cultural vectors all across the planet. Perhaps we shall finally escape this debt-based hologram after thousands of years of potential squandered by tiny handfuls of elites – so easy, simply taking back the responsibility ourselves…

  • Foggy Road

    One Bad Apple Spoils the Bunch

    In the world, this is a very real concept and dictates a vast array of policy, judicial,
    economic, organizational, governmental decisions daily, unfortunately.

    The most ‘common defense’ against the Bad Apple has always been to skew the whole system to address the lowest common denominator, the Bad Apple.

    This is very unfortunate, and diminishes everyone’s experience of life and liberty.


    Stephanie wrote;

    “At any rate, you don’t need to go to church to follow Jesus.”

    So true, it is written, as we see here in Matthew’s gospel, as to the Holy Spirit;

    “For where there are two or three gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

    Matt 18:20 drb


    ​[re. “the church” es]

    Stephanie further wrote;

    “Expecting perfection from a flawed institution, and mistakenly
    conflating that flawed institution with Jesus Christ, has led to a lot
    of people being led astray.”


    So very true and cannot be overstated, she writes;

    “Furthermore, there is a vocal and sometimes strident stance taken
    against any and all “organized religion” in a certain segment of the
    conspiracy community.”


    Again so true, unfortunately I have to admit this is my view, I have
    been searching for an ‘authentic church of God’, for a very long while
    and upon investigation have found all as you wrote flawed.

    What I have discovered so far, is twofold, an organized church that
    is fully in compliance with God’s Word is very illusive, and
    secondly, is exceedingly desirable but not required.

    I have many friends and family in all different denominations, and I
    know these people are genuine godly people despite the errant teachings
    of the clerical leadership.

    Individual church congregations led by inspired pastors, and priests are definitely out there, again despite church hierarchy.

    I received a true blessing from a catholic priest a spirit filled
    blessing from a godly man, I was stunned it may well have helped me in
    my walk.

    Thank God.


    Stephanie writes;

    “This is further compounded by the sometimes irrational hatred and
    distrust of the Catholic church among fundamentalist Christians, which
    is an animosity that goes back to the Reformation. So a good number of
    fundamentalist “conspiracy theorists” participate wholeheartedly in the
    Catholic bashing.”

    Stephanie, I have to point to the historical basis for this distrust, it speaks for itself, imho.

    A most important point overlooked in most discussions of this nature
    is to differentiate between church doctrine, and
    clergy and congregation.

    I know god fearing loving true believers in the catholic church, I
    have received a Blessing from a catholic priest that filled my heart
    with real joy.

    Traditions and doctrines of extra-biblical nature of these organized
    churches are the sole reason for my rejection of these churches.

    Persecution of Christians has never been the exclusive domain of
    non-Believers and secular governments. Big Churches have all engaged in
    persecution of any Christian that questions official doctrine and power.

    The RCC unfortunately has been in the past the biggest perpetrator of
    this ungodly practice, but in noway are they the only church to engage
    in this evil.


    “Key among the punching bags is the Jesuits, who are either labeled
    evil conspirators aligned with the Rothschilds, or homosexual cultural
    Marxists, or both.”

    I do not think the Jesuits, despite their ‘Society of Jesus’ moniker, are a benevolent order, again examine the history.

    It may well be they receive a double portion for this usage of Jesus’ name.


    Stephanie writes;

    “With the maligning of the entire body of Jesuits comes the smearing
    of St. Ignatius, who, if you actually read anything he wrote, was the
    least interested in power and the most interested in humility and
    character development.”


    Admittedly, I have not read St. Ignatius’ writings, and I will take
    your words regarding him and his god fearing nature as genuine, I would
    hope someone considered a saint would be just that.

    It may well be of St. Ignatius purposes and intent have been subverted.

    The Jesuit order has a military like structure, and a mandate to
    protect the Roman Catholic church at all costs, at the expense of any
    other believers, the ends justify the means, including breaking everyone
    of God’s commandments.

    I cannot see the reason for any church to use ungodly methods to achieve godliness as defined by that churches leaders.

    I am willing to believe most Jesuits are godly men, unaware of the
    nature of the officers, only if ‘the oath of office’ excerpts posted
    around the internet are spurious, and not required at the lower levels
    of membership.

    As with the lower level masons, it may well be deception
    and compartmentalization has been utilized to hide the true nature and
    purposes of the organization, however in todays information age can this
    excuse still be genuine?

    Secret societies have no place in a fair just and egalitarian Society, they only serve to benefit society members, imho.

    Information is power, and secret information is concentrated power,
    it seems to be the driving force behind all these organizations.


    Stephanie wrote;

    “Are there evil forces in the Catholic church? Yes, there
    sure are. But they have also infiltrated the evangelical churches and
    every aspect of life – schools, governments, media.”

    I say, Evil doers are everywhere, not just the
    catholic church but the big aligned evangelicals, church goers really
    have to start to examine the churches they are supporting.

    The bible tells us there will be an apostate church in the final
    days, imho this is not just one denomination but all will be melded into
    this apostate false teaching church preaching “another gospel.”

    This is a valid truth, I have considered this in view of the Scriptures and conclude this is part of the falling away.

    I feel it might be a good time to check your bible and find out if your church of choice is following what’s in the bible.


    2 Thessalonians

    ” Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come,
    except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed,
    the son of perdition;”

    2 Thess 2:3

    If your evaluation of your church finds it wanting then…

    Revelation 18

    “Then I heard another voice from heaven say:

    Come out of her, my people,’ so that you will not share in her sins,

    so that you will not receive any of her plagues; for her sins are piled up to heaven,

    and God has remembered her crimes.

    Give back to her as she has given; pay her back double for what she has done.

    Pour her a double portion from her own cup.”

    Rev 18:4-6 niv


    But remember we Brothers and Sisters in Christ, should stick
    together, as individuals, and try not to be too critical of one another.


    “Grudge not one against another, brethren, lest ye be condemned: behold, the judge standeth before the door.”

    Jas 5:9 kjv

    Stephanie wrote;

    “So don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. While I’m not much a
    fan of the hierarchy of the Catholic church, I am entirely a fan of the
    spiritual thinkers and rich tradition that has come through the
    Catholic Church – St. Ignatius, St. Augustine, St. Francis, Teresa of
    Avila, Theresa de Liseux, et al. And then the many modern Christian
    writers, from C.S. Lews and Thomas Merton to the more mundane and
    humorous Max Lucado.”


    The Hierarchy is the bath water and the congregation is the Baby in my view.

    God Bless.

    Again, This Isn’t Complicated

    Water source



    That’s already sealed and done by Executive Order if there is a national emergency along with,

    All forms of transportation

    Forced labor and relocation

    Forced Military induction

    Control of all farmland

    This has all been done by E.O. and if we have a National Emergency declared, better put your depends on or crap your pants.

    As the great Frank Zappa used to say; Ain’t this boogie a mess.


  • jor47

    In the Netherlands it is a risk to invest in gold. The lay (Noodwet Financieel Verkeer of 25 mei 1978, artikel 26) allows the government to buy back (confiscate?) gold from Dutch citizens at any price and any time they may dictate. This is just saving gold for your government. You may as well save some paper bills between your linen sheets.

    • Olav

      It’s not really as if governments need laws to confiscate gold …

  • 24 carat

    US Is Now Spending 26% Of Available Tax Revenue To Pay Interest
    What if interest rates start rising…when trust in fiat-debt starts declining.
    Or,…will the deficit spending decline whilst interest rates stay close to zero for ever as to keep the debt-driven economies alive and kicking.

    • AK

      You mean austerity in the U.S.? Will never happen, this is the land of big government which will stop at nothing to continue to grow its own power at the expense of our liberties. You can’t accomplish that with reduced spending….

      • tom thumb

        Its been Austerity for over 14 years now. if you are working its a recession if you are not working its a Depression,.

        • AK

          There is no question that we are in a recession/depression despite all the government spending. The Fed’s balance sheet has ballooned to over $4 trillion dollars and our government spends in excess of $1+ trillion more than it earns in tax revenue. I wouldn’t refer to that as austerity. If our government ever does impose strict spending cuts to balance our budget than you will know what austerity feels like.

    • Aya

      Debt ceiling up Goldfloor up

    • rowingboat

      Deficit spending has already declined and this is what the gold market started factoring in a year ago, IMO. Fiscal 2013 deficit of $680b (4.1% of GDP) compared with $1083b in 2012 (6.8%) and CBO estimate of 3% in 2014, so a continuing fall.

      Interest rates have also started to rise across the curve, which is expected to continue… not because of fiat debt concerns but rather expectations of economic strength, i.e. the market believes the US economy can handle higher rates!

      If this rosy outlook fades, the gold market will get very interesting because of those obligations, especially as more baby boomers retire. I understand US interest payments on the national debt are forecast to quadruple between 2014 and 2023.

  • AltSocNet

    I’m young and spend $$ on PMs. I think all us young people are quite disillusioned with the system. As far as how many of us in the US are doing it as opposed to other countries, I’m not sure but probably we need to be doing it more.

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