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BullionStar featured on Channel 8 News!

The price of both gold and silver has fallen substantially during the last few weeks. This has ushered in a waive of physical gold and silver buying, with very large volumes and a lot of first time customers. When the largest channel for the mandarin speaking public in Singapore, Channel 8, made a news coverage on the development, our Operations Manager Luke Chua was asked to... Continue Reading

The misinterpretation of money

In its simplest form, money is a substitution for barter to make trade more efficient (formally: medium of exchange) but money is also a means for generating production by allowing for saving and investment (store of value) and for accounting and reconciliation (unit of account). Different economic schools view money differently. Even for the doctrines advocating gold as... Continue Reading

The Difference in Paper and Physical Gold and Silver in times of Crisis

The Past Fortnight It has been a tense, volatile and dramatic fortnight to say the least. In fickle fashion, Greece went from 'No!' to 'Yes!' with the terms of the deal seemingly less in their favour then before. In volatile fashion, the Shanghai Composite Index crashed and "recovered" when the Chinese government tighten margin requirements for speculating and then... Continue Reading

Gold Price & Gold Demand

This interview with Torgny Persson and Gustav Andersson from BullionStar was conducted by the Singaporean blogger SG Wealth Builder 8 July 2015. Question:  In view of the emergence of China as the leading producer and importer of gold bullion, what do you think would be the implications for the global markets and how should investors in Singapore position... Continue Reading

Oxi (No) is the vote – Increased demand for physical gold

PRESS RELEASE  6th July 2015 For immediate release Singapore: Demand for physical gold has increased significantly in the last week leading up to the Greek referendum and is expected to continue to increase following Sunday’s outcome of the referendum with 61 % voting No. Mr. Torgny Persson, CEO of BullionStar Pte Ltd says: ”Demand for gold has more than doubled... Continue Reading

Gold replacing the US Dollar as reserve asset

The title to this blog post may feel contradictory as the US Dollar has appreciated against all other major currencies during the last year. One year ago, it took 74 euro-cents to buy one US Dollar, today it takes 89 euro-cents. Source: BullionStar Charts The US has for most of the last half century been running perpetual trade deficits building up their close to USD... Continue Reading

Back to Basics: Debt 101

Debt makes the world go round - Anon. Money at present, as we covered in the previous chapter, is merely a debt that a government owes you that can be used to pay for another debt of your choice. Now, if money - the basic medium of all transactions - is debt, what happens when this translates into something a bit more "sophisticated"? Think along the lines... Continue Reading

Interview Koos Jansen, Torgny Persson and Ronan Manly

Interview with BullionStar's three bloggers, Mr. Koos Jansen, Mr. Ronan Manly and BullionStar's CEO, Mr. Torgny Persson,  sharing their opinions of the current monetary system, gold and central banks.                          Koos Jansen                       Torgny Persson                     Ronan Manly Question 1: When did you... Continue Reading

Back to Basics: Money 101

Money's a matter of functions four, A Medium, a Measure, a Standard, a Store. - William Stanley Jevons, Money and the Mechanism of Exchange (1875) As this simple poetic stanza rolls off your tongue in military-like cadence, it encapsulates the very definition of money with unrivaled precision and simplicity. This is Money 101. Money is: 1. A Medium of Exchange 2. A... Continue Reading

What to make of the staggering US trade deficit?

March 2015 Data When the imports and exports figures of March were released, the world was taken aback when the United States announced that their trade deficit has ballooned $51.4 billion, a 43% increase from February, where the deficit was "only" $35.9 billion. Though there was a slight jump in exports, from $186.2 billion to $187.8 billion, imports increased 7.7% from... Continue Reading

FRB Bail-ins: You don’t own your money

Bank deposits The account balance on your bank account is known as a demand deposit. Under our Fractional Reserve Banking (FRB) system, your deposits are used by the banks to leverage lending.  What most people think of as their account balance is actually something very different.  Many people mistakenly believe that their account balance shows how much they own.... Continue Reading

Introducing FreeGold

In my last post, US Dollar as Reserve Currency - Credibility Inflation, I briefly touched on a few ideas relating to FreeGold such as the demand for the US Dollar as a savings instrument temporarily propping up the fiat/debt/money system. What is FreeGold?  FreeGold is not a single theory but an understanding of how past events have formed a gold trail which will... Continue Reading

US Dollar as Reserve Currency – Credibility Inflation

US Dollar as Reserve Currency In my last post, I discussed and compared different bank reserve systems. With the introduction of the US central bank, the Federal Reserve, in 1913, banks started to take larger risks expanding credit as they knew the central bank was backstopping them. With the monetary ties to gold severed in 1933, the world was essentially left with a... Continue Reading

Gold or Fiat? That is the question…

What happens when you deposit money at the bank? Most people don't think much about it. The bank probably safekeeps the money in their vault. Then I can come to the bank to withdraw my money any time. Right? Wrong. When you deposit money at the bank, you immediately relinquish your ownership to that money. The bank will not only loan out "your" money, they will... Continue Reading

Pro-Gold Governments and Central Banks

Many gold bugs argue that governments and central banks are generally biased against gold. In some cases, like I described in my previous post, they are right. Certain countries, with India as the most notable example, have adopted hostile gold policies. In this post, I will however show that the tide has turned with many central banks not only accumulating gold but... Continue Reading
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