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Torgny Persson

Torgny Persson is the founder and CEO of BullionStar. In this blog,
Torgny is sharing what's happening inside BullionStar as well as news
and research from the local and global precious metals markets.

BullionStar’s Bullion Center Re-Opening 2 June – Update of Services

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Update 26 May

Bullion Center Re-Opening
BullionStar’s Bullion Center at 45 New Bridge Road will re-open 2 June with normal operating hours.

The Singaporean government has announced the graudal resumption of business with effect from 2 June 2020. The list of permitted services is based on SSIC codes and include SSIC codes starting with 66. BullionStar is classified as SSIC 66123 – Gold bullion brokers and dealers and is thus allowed to reopen its bullion dealership again from 2 June 2020.

Buy Orders – Delivery Methods
Domestic Shipping by Courier: FREE Delivery extended until 30 June – OPEN

International Shipping by Courier: Discounted shipping and insurance – OPEN

Vault Storage: FREE Vault Withdrawal – OPEN

Personal Collection (Pick-up) from BullionStar’s bullion center: OPEN for Orders. Pick up your order after the bullion center has re-opened 2 June. Feel free to place your order online now at www.bullionstar.com and lock in the price now but collect it after 2 June. For orders with cash payment, cheque payment, card and NETS payment, you are allowed to place your order now and make payment for your order no later than 5 June.  Please note that all orders are binding and no cancellations will be permitted. 

Minimum buy order amount: SGD 299

Customer Sell Orders
OPEN for Orders – No minimum!
Feel free to place your sell order and lock in the price for your order now. Hand over the metals for your order to us no later than 5 June.

We are Open for Orders
BullionStar.com is open for order placement 24/7. As BullionStar is exempted from the circuit breaker suspension e-commerce, orders can be shipped for delivery (FREE within Singapore) or processed into vault storage as per normal. Orders for Personal Collection (Pick-up) at BullionStar’s bullion center at 45 New Bridge Road can also be placed online at BullionStar.com. Such orders can be collected after the bullion center re-opens on 2 June.

Domestic Shipping by Courier
FREE Delivery – Extended – All local deliveries within Singapore for buy orders are FREE of charge until 30 June. Select “Shipping by Courier from Singapore" and your order will be delivered to you without any delivery charge. All deliveries are insured with BullionStar taking the full risk of the delivery until received and signed for by the customer.

Discounted International Shipping & Insurance
With BullionStar being one of few bullion dealers worldwide having a healthy stock inventory of most bullion products, the demand for international shipping of orders has increased. We have therefore significantly discounted the rates for international shipping and insurance. The insurance cost for international shipments have been lowered from 0.3% to 0.15% of the order value and the shipping cost has been decreased between 25% – 75% for shipping to most countries.

Place your desired items in the shopping cart and select “Shipping by Courier from Singapore" to view the shipping cost to your country. All shipments are fully insured. BullionStar takes the full risk of the delivery until received and signed for by the customer.

Vault Storage
Store your bullion with BullionStar fully insured. Select “Vault Storage" in the checkout when placing your order. All customers placing buy orders for vault storage will be granted one FREE vault withdrawal until 2 June (redeemed before 31 December 2020).

Personal Collection/Pick-up
For Personal Collection (Pick-up) of orders from our bullion center in Singapore, you can place your order online on BullionStar.com now and and pick up your items after the bullion center re-opens on 2 June. All orders must be placed online first before being picked up at the bullion center.

All payment methods are now re-enabled. If you would like to settle your order via cash payment, cheque payment, card payment and NETS payment, you can place your order now and make payment at the bullion center for your order no later than 5 June. Please however note that all orders, without exception, are binding and that there are no cancellation rights for placed orders.

All required safe management measures will be implemented upon re-opening of the bullion center.

Customer Sell Orders
Place your sell order now online at BullionStar.com. Hand over the items for your sell order no later than 5 June. For larger sell orders with a value above SGD 10,000, we may contact you before 2 June to arrange for a free insured courier to pick up your metals.

There is no minimum sell order amount.

Alternatively, you may ship your metals to us at the following address:

BullionStar Pte Ltd
45 New Bridge Road
059398 Singapore

Vault sell orders can be placed as per normal with no minimum amount.

Orders in New Zealand
We are taking orders for our stock inventory in New Zealand with order processing back to normal. All products available for ordering are in stock in our vault.

Bullion Inventory & Availability
We continue to have stocks for most products despite the overwhelming demand we have seen lately.

All metals indicated as “In Stock" are stock we have available for sale which you can purchase for immediate release/delivery. “Pre-Sale" indicates stocks that have been purchased by us and are on route to us. You can view the availability status of all products on our website.

With a global shortage of precious metals, with paper pricing discrepancies, with price discovery broken, with refineries having suspended their operations, with logistic routes being impacted by flight cancellations and with metals held privately gone into hiding, it continues to be extremely challenging for us to replenish metal. Premiums and spreads therefore continue to be higher than normal.

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