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Bullion Banks line up in London to support LME’s Gold Futures
How many Silver Bars are in the LBMA Vaults in London?
Gold Market Charts – June 2017
Are the World’s Billionaire Investors Actually Buying Gold?
BullionStar’s Extensive Range of Royal Mint Gold Coins and Silver Coins
Gold Market Charts – May 2017
Buy and Sell Gold and Silver with Bitcoin
New Gold Pool at the BIS Basle: Part 2 – Pool vs Gold for Oil
An update on SGE Vault Withdrawals and SGE Price Premiums
New Gold Pool at the BIS Basle, Switzerland: Part 1
SGE Trading Volumes surged by 43% in 2016 led by OTC and Deferred Trading
Summer of 17: LBMA Confirms Upcoming Publication of London Gold Vault Holdings
Gold Market Charts – April 2017
Bank of England releases new data on its gold vault holdings
Sweden’s Gold Reserves: 10,000 gold bars shrouded in Official Secrecy
Death Spiral for the LBMA Gold and Silver auctions?
German and Swiss Precious Metals Refiners join forces as Heraeus acquires Argor-Heraeus
What sets the Gold Price – Is it the Paper Market or Physical Market?
Gold Market Charts – March 2017
BullionStar Financials FY 2016 – Year in Review
Mexico’s Earmarked Gold Bars at the Bank of England vaults
More Bad News for the LBMA Silver Price, but an Opportunity for Overhaul
Germany’s Gold remains a Mystery as Mainstream Media cheer leads
Gold Market Charts – February 2017
US Mint Releases New Fort Knox “Audit Documentation”. The First Critical Observations.
Infographic: Bullion Banking Mechanics
A Chink of Light into London’s Gold Vaults?
China Net Imported 1,300t Of Gold In 2016
Lukewarm start for new London Gold Futures Contracts
Ireland’s Monetary Gold Reserves: High Level Secrecy vs. Freedom of Information – Part 2
Gold Market Charts – January 2017
Why SGE Withdrawals Equal Chinese Gold Demand And Why Not
Ireland's Monetary Gold Reserves - High Level Secrecy vs FOI
Who Owns the World’s Largest Gold Hoards? – Not the Central Banks!
How The West Has Been Selling Gold Into A Black Hole

How The West Has Been Selling Gold Into A Black Hole

  • date
  • author Koos Jansen

Western gold sell-offs are transhipped to China but can't return. This will make gold rally stronger in a future bull market than it did in previous bull markets. Continue Reading arrow

Infographic: Gold ETF Mechanics
The Chinese Gold Lease Market And Chinese Commodity Financing Deals Explained
Gold Market Charts – December 2016
China’s Gold Market Opens Up To Boost RMB Internationalization
COMEX and ICE New York Gold Vault Reports both Overstate Eligible gold Inventories
NOVEMBER: Gold Price Down, Chinese Demand Strong Despite Import Curbs

NOVEMBER: Gold Price Down, Chinese Demand Strong Despite Import Curbs

  • date
  • author Koos Jansen

From the moment Donald J. Trump got elected as the next President of the United States, on November 8, 2016, the price of gold tumbled 8 % in the remainder of the month – from $1,282 USD/oz to $1,178 USD/oz. Usually these cascades in the gold price go hand in hand with physical sell-offs in the West … Continue Reading arrow

Guest Post: How to Trigger a Silver Avalanche by a Pebble:
Gold In London & Hong Kong Is Used To Settle COMEX Futures

Gold In London & Hong Kong Is Used To Settle COMEX Futures

  • date
  • author Koos Jansen

Physical gold located in Hong Kong and London is used to settle COMEX gold futures contracts through “Exchange For Physical” trading in the over-the-counter market. This post is a sequel to Understanding GOFO And The Gold Wholesale Market and COMEX Gold Futures Can Be Settled Directly With Eligible Inventory – in which Exchange For Physical … Continue Reading arrow

Debunking GFMS’ Gold Demand Statistics

Debunking GFMS’ Gold Demand Statistics

  • date
  • author Koos Jansen

What came to light as on odd discrepancy between GFMS’ Chinese gold demand and “apparent supply" has proven to be a tenacious cover-up by the oldest consultancy firm in the gold market. And not only does GFMS publish incomplete and misleading data on Chinese gold demand, all its supply and demand data is incomplete and misleading. … Continue Reading arrow

The Value-added Tax System In China’s Domestic Gold Market
Q1 - Q3 2016 China Net Gold Import Hits 905 Tonnes

Q1 - Q3 2016 China Net Gold Import Hits 905 Tonnes

  • date
  • author Koos Jansen

Withdrawals from the vaults of the Shanghai Gold Exchange, which can be used as a proxy for Chinese wholesale gold demand, reached 1,406 tonnes in the first three quarters of 2016. Supply that went through the central bourse consisted of at least 905 tonnes imported gold, roughly 335 tonnes of domestic mine output, and 166 … Continue Reading arrow

Gold Market Charts – November 2016
The Gold Market – Where Transparency means Secrecy
Guest Post – Jayant Bhandari: Gold Price Skyrockets in India after Currency Ban
Synthetic Gold Leasing: More Details Regarding The “Precious Metals” On Chinese Commercial Bank Balance Sheets.
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