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Rand Paul at FreedomFest 2016 & BullionStar’s New Game

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BullionStar continues its coverage of the FreedomFest conference in Las Vegas which it is attending and exhibiting at. For previous coverage see “BullionStar exhibiting at FreedomFest in Las Vegas" and “How Safe is your Gold?” – BullionStar CEO’s speech at FreedomFest“.

Rand Paul’s Speech

U.S. Senator Rand Paul, a Republican representative of Kentucky in the Senate, was a keynote speaker at the second full day of the FreedomFest conference on Friday afternoon. Paul who was himself a GOP presidential candidate this year, is the son of well-known Ron Paul, former Republican congressman for Texas. Rand Paul, like his father, advocates libertarian policies such as limited government, personal liberty, and free market capitalism.

In his speech, Senator Paul highlighted the continual encroachment of government regulations on personal liberty, regulations which are mostly imposed by unelected bureaucrats, the EU being a case in point. Paul referenced the Brexit vote as an example of the growing concern among populations of such bureaucratic unaccountability.

Turning to the US, the senator highlighted the often arduous process of getting bills through the Senate and said that over-regulation and the erosion of checks and balances between Executive and the Judiciary has created a stifling environment of control. This he said, was analogous to invisible barbed wire around the people, but that it is government, and not the people, that should be the ones ring-fenced by this invisible barbed wire.

US Senator Rand Paul speaking at FreedomFest 2016, Las Vegas

On economic issues, Paul said he was concerned that it is becoming increasingly hard for ordinary American people to attain the American dream of pursuing free enterprise to achieve wealth creation and success, but that it was vital for reform and political action to ensure that this remained possible for the current and future generations of US citizens.

Fielding questions from the floor, the senator, said that he was in favor of an independent structure to allow the growth of a viable third political party in the US, and that he was still pursuing the audit the Federal Reserve bill through the Senate.

Earlier that afternoon, libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, a former governor of New Mexico, also spoke at the same forum in FreedomFest.

BullionStar’s interactive game – End the Fed

BullionStar’s philosophical view is that gold is money part excellence and that the current monetary system is one in which a fraudulent fractional reserve banking system sits center stage. This monetary system is now experiencing round after round of quantitative easing and intervention by central banks, while simultaneously  inflating the global money supply. These developments primarily benefits central banks, governments and the large commercial banks at the expense of everyone else.

As a light-hearted way of illustrating this important message, BullionStar has created an interactive video game which captures this central bank – commercial bank symbiosis, featuring a number of well-known central banker characters such as Mario Draghi and Ben Bernanke. A video show-casing this game has now uploaded to BullionStar’s YouTube channel – see above.

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