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Bullion Savings Program (BSP) - Gold - 1 gram

Bullion Savings Program (BSP) - Gold - 1 gram

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Product Highlights

Purity: .9999

Fine Weight: 1 gram (0.032 troy oz)

Tax Status: No Tax/No GST

Product Information:

Grams in the Bullion Savings Program (BSP) are physical precious metals fully backed up by BullionStar. BSP Grams are available in Gold, Silver and Platinum for a low price premium and a low spread. This provides you with a cost-efficient way to start saving in precious metals.

BSP Grams are bought per gram in your desired metal. When you purchase 1 BSP Gram of gold, you receive an allocation of 1 gram gold in BullionStar’s stock inventory.

BSP Gold Grams can be converted to 100 gram PAMP Gold Cast Bar at any time without any extra cost whatsoever.

Alternatively, you can sell back BSP Grams to BullionStar at any time.

You are able to fully control your ownership of BSP Grams online under My Vault Storage where you can buy, sell or convert your BSP Grams at your convenience.

BullionStar backs up the BSP Grams with physical precious metals to ensure that all BSP Grams are fully backed up at all times. BullionStar publishes a daily report on the holdings of physical precious metals backing up the Bullion Savings Program here.

The storage fee for BSP Grams in gold is only 0.09% per year.

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Price Information

Price/Gram: USD 51.677
Price/Troy Ounce: USD 1,607.343
Price Premium: 2.32%
Spread: 2.27%
Sell to BullionStar: USD 50.506
1 Day
1 Month
1 Year

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