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The Straits Times 25th May 2014 – Taking a shine to gold and silver

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Singapore’s main newspaper interviews BullionStar’s CEO on his thoughts on precious metals.

BullionStar CEO Mr Torgny Persson had his interview with Singapore’s main newspaper, The Straits Times, published on 25th May. In the 2-page interview in the Invest section titled ‘Taking a shine to gold and silver’, Mr Persson recounted the reasons why he chose to set up precious metals dealership BullionStar in Singapore in 2012. In his view, Singapore is the world’s safest place to store precious metals. He has since relocated his family to Singapore from Malmo, Sweden.Mr Persson also shared his personal investment outlook. Having bought property and stocks before the financial crises in 2008, he believes that both asset classes are very risky investments in today’s economic context. At a time when counterparty risks are common, investing in both these assets require the investor to take on high counterparty risks and high levels of leveraged debt. For example, in Sweden people continue to mortgage their property siginficantly.

In Mr Persson’s opinion, gold and silver are the safest assets over time. This belief compelled him to buy physical silver to diversify his wealth. It was during this time that he realised that there were no good precious metals dealers in Sweden. This led him to start his first precious metals dealership in Sweden in 2008 – Liberty Silver.

Mr Persson cited BullionStar as his best investment to date and he takes pride in being able to offer Singaporeans gold and silver as savings or investment.

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