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Posted on 6 May 2016 by BullionStar

Infographic: London Gold Market

This London Gold Market infographic guides you through the secretive OTC wholesale gold market in London. The London Gold Market is the largest gold market in the world and the volumes traded are staggering.

The London Market serves as a price discovery market for the worldwide gold spot price and is home to the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA).

London is also a hub for gold storage with 6,500 tonnes of gold stored in gold vaults around London.

In this infographic you will learn about the importance of the London Gold Market considering

  • Trading Volumes
  • Fractionally Reserved Paper Gold Trading
  • Price Discovery for the Gold Price
  • Gold Vaults
  • Secrecy in the London Gold Market

You can learn more about the London Gold Market at the BullionStar Gold University

London Gold Market Infographic

Infographic London Gold Market

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  • Indeed. Good Infographic, and a long time coming. Those salient points represented visually in one asset are worthy of much representation …
    We do seem to approach a time when peoples thoughts about “what is wealth” are under collective review, and not just the little people, but by Giants as well.

    – R

  • Yochanan

    Do you know what will happen to the Deutsche Bank Gold/Silver fixers who where caught lately. Also in Italy. Will those ‘bankers’ be sentenced for financial crime? And is the Gold/Silver price going to change because of that?

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