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Posted on 16 May 2016 by BullionStar

Infographic: COMEX Gold Futures Market

This COMEX Gold Futures Market infographic guides you through the largest gold futures market in the world, COMEX.

Did you for example know that only 1 in 2500 contracts on COMEX goes to physical delivery whereas the other 2499 contracts are cash-settled? This corresponds to a delivery percentage of 0.04% of all gold contracts.

The US government claims to hold a fair bit of gold in reserves but how much is it really holding?

In this infographic you will learn more about the COMEX gold futures market considering

  • COMEX Trading Volumes
  • Fractionally Reserved Futures Trading
  • Cash-settlement of COMEX Gold Futures Contracts
  • Eligible and Registered Gold on COMEX
  • US Treasury Gold Reserves
  • Location of US Treasury Gold Reserves
  • Foreign Gold at the Federal Bank of New York
  • US Gold Mining

You can learn more about the US Gold Market at the BullionStar Gold University.

COMEX Gold Futures Market Infographic

Infographic on COMEX gold futures market, the world's largest gold futures market

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  • Optimist911

    So that’s how nameless fraudsters can suddenly dump many tons of make-believe “gold” onto the market to depress the price $15-30 within seconds or minutes. Just business as usual among Wall Street banksters and HFT parasites.

    • Qualified Expert

      @Optimist911:disqus Yes, and yet they are all escape without any significant penalty or any sort of deterrent.

  • Qualified Expert

    Hopefully with this new lawsuit those guilty banks will be exposed and people stop trading Gold as paper based commodities.



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