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Posted on 3 Feb 2015 by BullionStar

Press Release – Gold Bars traded without spread – A world’s first!

SINGAPORE: Singapore bullion dealer BullionStar Pte Ltd is launching the world’s first physical gold
bar traded without any spread between the buy and sell price. BullionStar is offering its customers’
to buy and sell 100 gram gold bars at the exact same price.

The obverse of the 100 gram gold bar.
The obverse features BullionStar’s brand in combination with the refinery’s stamp guaranteeing the gold content and the minimum purity of 99.99 %. The secure tamper-proof blister package protects and guarantees the authenticity of the gold bar.

The reverse of the 100 gram gold bar.
The reverse features the text “Money since 4000 B.C.” together with the stamp of the refinery. The reverse of the secure blister package constitutes the gold bar's certificate stating the technical details of the gold bar.

Mr Torgny Persson, CEO of BullionStar Pte Ltd says: “By introducing physical Gold Bars traded
without spread, customers can effectively expose themselves to the fluctuations of the gold price
without having to sacrifice the safety of physical delivery.”

The BullionStar branded gold bars are produced by the worldwide renowned Swiss mint Argor-
Heraeus. Being a quality minted Swiss gold bar containing a minimum of 99.99 % gold, packaged in a
tamper-proof Certicard blister package, this product is an extraordinary one.

The reverse of the gold bar features text “Money since 4000 B.C.” symbolizing the historical use of
gold as money.

BullionStar Pte Ltd is a Singapore registered bullion dealer offering GST exempted precious metals for
savings and investment. The Singaporean government exempted precious metals in 2012 with the
objective of making Singapore a trading, transit and storage hub of precious metals.

For more information/interview:
CEO BullionStar Torgny Persson
Telephone: 6284 4653

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